Can an Ohio Alcohol Detox Center Help Lessen the Consequences of a DUI?

Substance abuse, and the decisions we make when under the influence can dramatically affect our lives. Frequently, one of the worst decisions we make is to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated or high.

If you get behind the wheel of an automobile in Ohio, under the influence of any controlled substance, you stand the chance of being pulled over by law enforcement. When the officer deems that you’re unfit to drive, you will most likely be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Often, while awaiting various stages of your court appearances, you can take steps to help lessen the consequences of your poor decision. The first step may be to consider entering an Ohio alcohol detox center. Here are some reasons why that can be a smart choice regardless of how it will affect your DUI case.

Driving Under the Influence in Ohio

Driving Under the Influence (DUI), is often referred to as Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated OMVI in Ohio. The acronym has been shortened to OVI, or Operating a Vehicle Impaired. OVI in Ohio is initially a misdemeanor.

This change in legal wording allowed courts to address a multitude of factors that create impaired driving, including drugs. If you’ve been pulled over and charged with OVI in Ohio, there are a strict series of court orders you will be mandated to follow. One of those could be detox.

Regardless of whether your level of substance use requires a period of detox, Ohio has a series of court-ordered treatment requirements. Understanding the baffling nature of addiction, you can present yourself as willing to take responsibility for your problems by going to an Ohio detox.

A Sense of Responsibility

Being charged with driving a car while impaired should be a wake-up call to a potentially dangerous drug or alcohol problem. If it’s not, you may need to take a look at the level of responsibility you have for your own decisions.

One smart decision after being arrested for DUI is to seek help. Frequently, a professional drug and alcohol counselor will recommend you enter a detox. Detox centers are staffed with individuals who can help you determine how serious your substance abuse is.

An Ohio alcohol detox can also you safely go through the early periods of potential withdraw. Trying to self-detox is a dangerous and often life-threatening choice. Detox from drugs and alcohol can require medical attention, so it’s imperative you’re in a supervised facility.

Even if you elect to go into a detox center on your own, you still display a sense of responsibility. Taking that first step to get help can show favorably in the court’s eyes for your DUI case. Detox will also prepare you for the next stage in recovery, whether treatment is mandated or not.

A New Beginning

Your period in detox will be time well spent. You will be able to ensure your safety as you come down of the drugs or alcohol. Beyond providing an important, medically supervised detox period, an Ohio alcohol detox will begin to help you build a foundation for a new beginning.

Detox is frequently the first stage of a treatment program. You will immediately have access to trained counselors who can help you work through the immediate issues of your addiction. You may very well have a structured path for recovery to provide you a head start in your treatment.

During the time required to help you detox from drugs and alcohol, the detox facility will also begin to explain how treatment works, and why recovery is your choice. You will also be presented with the increasing stiffer consequences of future DUI charges hopefully to impress upon you the clear advantages of a new beginning in recovery.

Like nearly every state in the country, Ohio has stiff penalties for driving while you’re intoxicated. The consequences can include jail time and loss of your driving privileges. Driving while impaired can also result in consequences far worse than any of those imposed by the laws.

Getting behind the wheel of an automobile intoxicated could cost you your life. To summarize, making the wise choice to enter a detox center in Ohio may not directly reduce the potential consequences of a DUI. However, it can be a first-step to establishing a foundation for a new and exciting life; a life free from drugs and alcohol.

If you feel you may have a problem with a substance use disorder, ask for help. There is help available no matter how serious your drug and alcohol problem has become. That help may even include helping to reduce the pending consequences of a DUI. Call us today at 833-497-3812.