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Medical Detox in Columbus Ohio

Drug and alcohol addiction ruin lives. For those who suffer from substance use disorder, medical detox is the first and most essential step on the road to recovery. During detox, the body has the opportunity to rid itself of the harmful chemicals and other toxins that it is been exposed to as the result of substance abuse. It also begins the difficult process of relearning how to function without drugs or alcohol. It is only after the body achieves a state of equilibrium that true recovery can begin.

Detoxing is one of the most challenging parts of getting well and thus, it is best accomplished with professional and individualized support. Our medical detox services are designed to help minimize the mental and physical pain of detoxing while additionally mitigating the health risks. Whether you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription pills, we can help.

What Are Medical Detox Services?

Medical detox services can mean many different things. The level of support that you or your loved one might need will depend greatly upon the type of substances being used, the length of addiction, and the severity of addiction. Some patients are able to safely make it through the detox process with very little support. However, people who’ve spent years heavily consuming alcohol may be at risk of severe withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations, tremors, insomnia, and more. Due to the likelihood of delirium tremens, if alcohol detox is not carefully monitored, heavy alcohol users are even at high risk of death.

This same is also true with certain illicit substances and many prescription drugs. Heroin and opiate detoxes can be incredibly taxing on the body. When people take part in medical detox, they have access to medications that alleviate their symptoms and keep their bodies in a safe and balanced state. Certain detox support medicines can prevent extreme symptoms such as hallucinations, tremors, heart palpitations, and seizures among other things. Even insomnia and general agitation can be minimized or avoided with the best and most needs-specific support. Best of all, these benefits can be achieved without exposing patients to new, potentially addictive substances.

How To Ensure The Success Of Your Medical Detox

All patients are carefully evaluated at the start of their medical detox to learn more about the type and amount of substances that they’ve been using. This is essential for streamlining care to meet each unique range of needs. While much can be gathered from the medical examinations that are performed during this entry-phase of treatment, it is important to be forthcoming about your general health, your substance abuse history, and any other medical details that might be relevant to your treatment.

The next step in medical detox is the provision of needs-specific support while the body heals. This phase of treatment is often referred to as the stabilization process. It involves a number of therapeutic measures to bring the body back to a state of stability and normal functioning. These efforts are two-fold. Not only are rehab professionals committed to helping limit the side effects, symptoms, and overall hardship of detox, but they are also concerned with ensuring the maintenance of strong vitals and good general physical functioning.

Finally, patients are given guidance and support in establishing continued treatment. After all, detox is merely the first step in the road to sobriety and lasting wellness. Although it is a very important step, it must be bolstered with group counseling, individual therapy, life-planning, and more. Medical Detox will prime your body and mind for treatment. Maintaining a positive outlook as much as possible, even during the detox phase, helps set the stage for continued success.


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Is Medical Detox Right For You?

Depending upon the type and amount of substances you’ve been using, it may never be safe for you to detox on your own. In addition to being incredibly difficult both mentally and emotionally, going “cold turkey” can be extremely hard on the body. With certain substances, some systems can actually begin to shut down. Medical detox is definitely the right choice for anyone who’s used alcohol on a steady, daily basis for an extended period of time, and for anyone who’s used hard, illicit drugs, and certain classes of prescription drugs.

You should also consider medical detox if you aren’t able to make your way through the detox process at home, on your own. Countless people have tried and failed in this same effort. Detoxing is an essential, crucial step in your fight to get well. Getting help could be necessary for successfully clearing this first and truly unavoidable hurdle.

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Without detox, recovery can never begin. If you’ve tried detoxing on your own at home and have failed, you’re not alone. Going “cold turkey” is never the safest and most effective strategy for getting well. With individualized support, you can make it through this challenging stage and can begin making solid plans for continued treatment. Call us today to schedule your medical detox.

Completing detox is just the first step in completion of a rehabilitation program. You have counseling, therapy, group work, nutritional counseling, and other services at your disposal for optimal health and healing; take these opportunities and keep looking toward the brighter future that you intend to create. You deserve a life of health and happiness, and we can help you get there. Call us today to get started on your healing journey!




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