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Inpatient Detox in Columbus Ohio

The most difficult part of starting addiction recovery is getting clean and refraining from using alcohol or drugs again. Unfortunately, this is also a necessary first step that’s essential for a successful recovery process. The rest of the treatment program will teach you how to resist triggers and help you adopt healthier ways of dealing with the stress in your life, but none of that will help if you’re still using. In order to benefit from treatment, you’ll have to flush those toxins out of your system.

Some people can quit using drugs or alcohol cold turkey, but it’s more common that professional help is needed. Detox programs are designed to help an individual stop using drugs or alcohol, while helping the body flush the remaining drugs out of their system. This is still a difficult process, because, although detoxing gradually helps control withdrawal symptoms, those adverse effects are still present. A good detox program simply decreases the severity or frequency of cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Something that concerns many addicts with an interest in getting clean is how long the detox program lasts. Even in a worst case scenario, you will only spend a week in a detox program, but it depends on your situation. Addiction affects everyone differently, so you may move through the detox program within just three or four days, or it may take the entire seven days for you to get clean.

Detox will be tailored to your experience following an intake evaluation. During the evaluation, your health will be examined and you’ll be asked a series of questions about your substance abuse habits. You should feel free to speak honestly and trust that your answers won’t be used against you. The questions will revolve around the types of substances you use, how frequently you use, and the size of each dose. This information is necessary to determine how withdrawal symptoms will affect you, so a treatment strategy can be customized for you.


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Another aspect of detox that addicts find comforting is the level of care they will receive throughout the process. You can expect to meet with your assigned physician, or their assistant, once every day. Additionally, the facility’s caregivers will monitor you and meet with you throughout the day for as long as you remain in the detox center. This helps ensure you remain healthy and safe throughout the detox process.

As your body goes through detox, the withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience can cause medical problems. While this will depend on how long you have been misusing drugs or alcohol, the substance abuse may have had adverse effects on your heart and nervous system. The caregivers that will be monitoring you will check for these signs regularly to ensure you’ll receive prompt medical care if you need it. This ensures you’ll remain in good health as you get clean.

It’s common to mistake a rehab program and a detox program, but these are usually two separate processes. Rehab is the process of starting recovery, which involves engaging in a healthier lifestyle, attending counseling sessions, and going to group meetings. Detox is solely focused on helping an addict get clean and flush illicit chemicals out of the body. This is a struggle in itself, so it’s rare that an individual in detox will be expected to engage in counseling and other addiction treatment programs.

There are some facilities that offer both detox and rehab services, which presents a recovering addict the opportunity to engage in some counseling as they go through the detox program. Even in these cases, counseling may not be necessary, but it can be helpful to those recovering addicts who choose to take advantage of the opportunity. Engaging in rehab treatment during detox will be something the recovering addict should discuss with their assigned physician. Together, they can determine if they’re emotionally and physically able to begin that phase of recovery.

If you, or a loved one, is struggling with addiction, the first step in living a clean and happier life is to stop using. We can help you with a detox program that’s customized for your situation. Even though getting clean by yourself may seem impossible, getting professional help will offer you a better opportunity to get clean and sober. Once we help you complete that first step, support and treatment services that are offered in rehab will help you stay clean. These services will prepare you to return to your life. Successfully completing a detox program before entering addiction treatment can help minimize the chances that you’ll relapse in the future.

Completing detox is just the first step in completion of a rehabilitation program. You have counseling, therapy, group work, nutritional counseling, and other services at your disposal for optimal health and healing; take these opportunities and keep looking toward the brighter future that you intend to create. You deserve a life of health and happiness, and we can help you get there. Call us today to get started on your healing journey!




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