Meth Detox

Meth Detox in Columbus Ohio

You wish you could go back in time to the day you took meth for the first time. You look back now and know that was the moment your life was divided into before and after you became a meth addict. That first hit gave you such a high that it felt like all of your problems went away. The whole world looked like a better place. You were happy, excited, and bursting with energy. From that day forward, you wanted more. You would take it any way you could get it. You snorted it, smoked it, and shot it in your veins. You’re to the point now that you can’t make it through a day without it. You’re in a dangerous place right now. You crave more and more, but you’ve seen too many friends overdose on this nightmare drug. You want to wake up and go back to who you used to be before meth took control of your life. It’s time for meth detox.

Admitting you are struggling with meth is the first hurdle. Meth detox is the next challenge. It’s an even bigger leap. Our alcohol and drug treatment center can help you to beat your addiction. Inpatient treatment for meth detox is recommended for this powerful and highly addictive drug. Otherwise, you are too likely to get more when your withdrawal symptoms set in.

The first days following your last hit of meth will bring on the crash. In as little as a day, you could be overcome with symptoms that will feel like a severe flu. You’ll sweat, experience stomach cramping, and nausea. In the next three to ten days, you’ll be in full-blown withdrawal. The cravings for meth will be unbearable. Your body will ache. You’ll be restless and anxious. Depression is common. You could struggle with cravings, exhaustion and depression for up to a month. You don’t want to go through meth detox and withdrawal alone. Our caring professionals are here to help.

We will not abandon you in your time of need. Our inpatient care program will give you round the clock care. This includes close monitoring of your symptoms to avoid a crisis. You’ll get the nourishment and hydration your body needs to stay strong. Most importantly, you will be in a safe place where someone will take care of you. You may not have anyone at home that can get you past this roadblock in your life. Even if you have friends and family you can turn to, this is a problem that could be too big for them to handle on their own. You don’t want to go through the challenges of meth detox only to start using again. Our trained professionals know what you need to make it to a sober life.


We are available to take your call anytime, day or night. Counselors are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even on holidays.

Our treatment plans are personalized for every client. When you ask us for help, we’ll begin with a consultation. Our medical professionals will evaluate the level of your addiction, including how long you have been using meth and how much you use on a daily basis. We’ll begin with your meth detox treatment. Once all the toxins have worked their way out of your body, our counselors will guide you toward recovery.

Recovery isn’t only about your physical well-being. We want you to live a full life. Your emotional and mental health are just as important. Meth addiction has taken a toll on you and your relationships with others. It’s time to start rebuilding your life. We want to give you the resources you need to be stronger, healthier, and happier than you were before meth turned your world upside down.

Inpatient treatment will help you to get through the most challenging phases of meth recovery. Your journey will continue with outpatient support. The frequency of your visits will be determined by your progress. Your counselor will be a mentor and someone you can talk to in your time of need. Group support meetings may also be recommended to give you the opportunity to share your experiences with others. Meth addiction is lonely. The team at our alcohol and drug treatment center wants you to know you always have someone you can call when you are struggling with meth addiction. It’s time to leave your meth addiction in the past. Our supervised meth detox and recovery programs will help you to move forward with your life.

Completing detox is just the first step in completion of a rehabilitation program. You have counseling, therapy, group work, nutritional counseling, and other services at your disposal for optimal health and healing; take these opportunities and keep looking toward the brighter future that you intend to create. You deserve a life of health and happiness, and we can help you get there. Call us today to get started on your healing journey!




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