Can I get fired for going to rehab?

Battling addiction can make you feel like all of your problems are going to crush you. You haven’t been able to perform your job to the level that is expected of you. Your family and friends don’t know how to help you. The source of your addiction keeps taking you in the wrong direction. You know that you have to put on the brakes before things get worse in your life. You need help to take control. Everyone has told you rehab can help you to move in the right direction, but you have questions. At the top of the list is can I get fired for going to rehab?

Asking for help with addiction can be scary. You’re about to put your life in the hands of strangers. You have to trust that the rehab specialists have the experience and resources to help you. Going to rehab is going to mean leaving everything you know while you seek treatment. You will be forced to give up the addiction that you have been leaning on for far too long. Your family will have to take care of one another while you are in treatment. You’ll have to take time off for work. Your employer has already voiced concerns about problems at your job. You don’t know how your job will still be waiting for you when your treatment is over.

You are Protected Under Federal Law 

Don’t let your fears about losing your job stop you from getting the professional help that you need. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are protected. You have the right to seek treatment for your addiction. Addiction is considered a medical condition. You can apply for leave from work under FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act. You will be entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave while you are undergoing treatment for your addiction. You’ll have time to undergo rehab, any outpatient counseling, and take time out of your hectic life to concentrate on improving your well-being.

Your employer cannot fire once you have gone through the FMLA application process. Your employer can let you go from your job if you actually take part in substance abuse while on the job. Going to rehab will help you to stop sliding down a slippery slope. Even though you won’t be paid during your FMLA leave, you will have peace of mind knowing your job will be waiting for you after treatment. You are eligible for a medical leave under FMLA if:

  • You have been with your employer for at least one year
  • Your place of employment has more than 50 staff members
  • You have put in at least 1,250 hours in your year of employment

Make sure you submit your application before you actually begin treatment. Your human resources department, supervisor, union representative, or employer should be able to assist you with the process.

Don’t let your worries about your job and all of your responsibilities get in the way of seeking treatment for your addiction. Your health and well-being have to be your priority. It’s time to put your needs at the head of the line. You won’t be able to continue to perform your job if addiction gets the best of you. You won’t have anyone left in your life when you replace them with substance abuse. Your health will suffer, putting you at greater risk the longer you let the source of your addiction come first. Rehab is your chance to start over. You’ll be given the space, time, and support system you need to walk away from your addiction. It’s time to give yourself the gift of a fulfilling future.

We know you’re scared. Struggling with substance abuse is a heavy weight. Let us make this decision easier for you. Call our representatives at 123-456-7890 today. We’ll share your options for rehab in order to find the best program for you. Once you know where you are going, you will be able to submit your FMLA application to your employer. Every step you take toward recovery will carry you away from the heartache brought on by addiction. Call us 833-497-3812.