Does Cigna Cover Alcohol Rehab

If you currently have a drug or alcohol addiction, you need to be focusing on the trajectory of your life. We feel it’s safe to assume that you are having significant issues in many parts of your life. The big question is, “how long do you plan on destroying your life before you decide to do something about it?”

Is it possible that you simply don’t know what to do? If that’s the case, we can give you a very simple answer. You have to immediately stop the madness before something goes horribly wrong. As long as you have breath, you can choose to get off drugs/alcohol in pursuit of a better and happier life.

As you consider your options to deal with your substance abuse problem, you are going to discover there is only one real solution. You need to check yourself into a quality rehab facility like ours. No matter what other options you might be considering, we can assure you they are not going to work. Oh, they might help you stop using for a while, but relapses are very likely to follow. Why? Because many of the other options mentioned on the internet do very little if anything to get to the driving force behind the addiction.

The reality is you need to know what is driving you to put your life at risk with drugs or alcohol. Without answers, the chances of you staying sober after stopping are very low. Even with a productive stint in rehab, relapse is still possible. It’s all a matter of you wanting/needing help and you being willing to seek that help.

If you are like so many other addiction sufferers who have questions about the treatment process, money is a likely concern. We understand that. However, you might have the financial resources for treatment at your disposal without even knowing it. Do you have healthcare insurance through your employer or as an individual? Better yet, do you have CIGNA coverage?

Does Cigna Cover Alcohol Rehab?

We are asking if you have CIGNA for several reasons. First, they happen to be one of the most prominent healthcare insurance providers in the world. If you do have CIGNA insurance, we have some good news we would like to share.

As you likely know, the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2009. What you might not know is the law made it clear that insurance companies needed to start covering addiction illnesses the same way they would any other kind of medical condition. Furthermore, insurance companies were told they could not escape covering addiction illnesses under the guise of it being a preexisting condition.

With all of this in mind, you very likely can use your CIGNA healthcare insurance policy to cover a good portion of your treatment costs related to your alcohol addiction.

What we can’t say is to what extent treatment would be covered by CIGNA. That would depend on the extent of your overall coverage. If you don’t know, you can check your insurance summary page or call the insurance company’s customer service department. Also, you will find that most top rehabs, ours included, do have staff members who can help you confirm coverage.

As far as what CIGNA has to cover, it boils down to the most basic treatment options. The list includes the following:

  • Detox and detox tapering programs
  • Any presciption medications that a doctor might prescribe during treatment
  • Basic inpatient treatment programs
  • Most Outpatient programs

There are two items on this list that warrant further comment. First, inpatient treatment programs can get expensive. For that reason, insurance companies are allowed to deny some coverage for luxury rehabs and alternative therapeutic options. Second, CIGNA and other insurance carriers strongly prefer paying for outpatient treatment due to the lower costs. To motivate customers to choose an outpatient option, the insurance company might offer to pay 100% of the treatment costs. For them, they could save a lot of money by pushing the outpatient treatment option.

If you have CIGNA healthcare insurance, you now know that you have some decent financial resources to help you pay for your alcohol abuse treatment. Armed with that information, we hope that removes an obstacle to you getting the treatment you need. For information about how we can help you with your alcoholism, we only ask that you take a moment and give one of our reps a call at 833-497-3812.