How Do I Let Go of Fear of Detox?

No matter which substance you’ve been using, the prospect of detoxing can be scary. This is especially true if you’ve ever tried detoxing on your own in the past. When you go “cold turkey”, abstaining is hard. In addition to experiencing intense drug or alcohol cravings, you’ll likely develop a number of uncomfortable physical and withdrawal symptoms.

More importantly, detoxing from certain substances on your own can be downright dangerous. In some instances, self-managed detox can even prove deadly. The good news is that detoxing can also be performed in an entirely safe and comfortable way. If you’ve been struggling with the fear of detox, there are several simple ways to let it go. To start, you can stop pressuring yourself to complete this incredibly challenging, initial stage of recovery all on your own. This begins with understanding the true nature of addiction and how it affects your brain and body.

Although many addicts blame themselves for being lazy, weak-willed, or simply incapable of succeeding, addiction actually takes away the power of choice. It reprograms the brain to view substance abuse as a beneficial, reward-worthy activity. It additionally alters the brain’s chemistry in ways that affect motivation levels, self-control, willpower, and more. Thus, trying to make yourself muster through detox on your own isn’t just difficult. It’s actually the wrong decision.

Why Medically Supervised Detox Is Always Better

In medically supervised detox, you’ll never be on your own. You’ll always have the benefit of seasoned mental and medical health professionals to assist you with the mental and physical challenges you face. They’ll be on-hand to administer targeted interventions as you need them. They’ll make sure that you’re never too:

  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Physically or emotionally uncomfortable

Moreover, when temptations and cravings arise, you’ll be on a secure campus. You won’t have easy access to your drug of choice and thus, you won’t be able to make hasty and irrational decisions about using. Although you’ll always have the power to end your treatment at any time, you’ll have all of the services and support tools that you’ll need for staying on track. For people who are really ready to get well, medically supervised detox makes getting over the initial hump far less taxing.

For some people, fear of detox is also tied to their fear of quitting. Although you might think that you’re afraid of feeling mentally and physically unwell as your body adapts to being substance-free, you may be hanging onto the stubborn belief that getting high and being high are what ultimately make you happy. Even as people lose their jobs, homes, families, and personal freedom as the result of substance abuse, they often continue glamorizing the very same substances that are destroying their lives. If this sounds familiar, take a minute to list all of the ways in which using drugs or alcohol has changed your life. Has you substance abuse made you:

  • More financially stable?
  • Happier with your personal circumstances?
  • Better able to enjoy your time with your family and friends?
  • Mentally and physically healthier?

The most likely answer to all of these questions is no. The reality of substance abuse is that not only does it take things away from people, but it continues to take things away until active users stop actively using. Your financial outlook will worsen, your legal troubles will mount, and your relationships continue to suffer until you take the first and most important step toward sobriety by detoxing. The flip side of this coin is that good health, better relationships, freedom, and financial wellness lie just on the other side of the withdrawal process.

Once you complete this first step, you’ll be ready to start working on other parts of your recovery and rebuilding your life. You’ll discover new ways of making yourself feel happy and at peace. You’ll also discover that life is actually better and far more enjoyable when you’re substance-free. Being willing to take a chance on yourself and a chance at a more stable, successful, and satisfying future could be key to getting over your fear of detox. If you’re ready to start recovery but are dealing with the fear of detox, we can help. Get in touch with us now by calling 833-497-3812.