How Do I Narrow Down Good Detox Places Near Me for My Spouse?

When you decide that it is time to take your addiction seriously, finding the very best detox center will be your number one priority. Getting through an addiction takes time and patience, but the first step is to find a detox facility that knows how to make it as easy and comfortable for you and your spouse. If you are both considering entering rehab together, then you will wish to find a place that you can join at the same time. But how do you narrow down good detox places near you? What can you do to make sure you pick a reliable place that will help you both beat your addiction? Let’s keep reading to find out.

How Will You Pay?

The first step to finding a detox center that will fit your specific needs is to figure out how you will be paying for it. If you and your spouse have health insurance, find out what they will and won’t cover. Many insurance plans will cover certain aspects of rehab, particularly the detox portion of the program. Talk to a representative of your insurance to see what they will take care of. In some cases, your insurance will fully cover the detox portion of the program. In others, it may cover the entire stay.

An employee assistance program may also help cover some or all of the costs of detox. Some employers offer a specific program that helps employees pay for certain personal problems, such as rehab, child care, or illness. If they do, you and your spouse may have to pick from a list of detox centers in order to utilize the funds. However, this is a great way to make sure your detox is paid for.

Can You Go Together?

You may or may not wish to go to a detox program together when you’re ready to get clean. If you do wish to stay with one another, look for detox programs that allow spouses to go through the program together. Just remember, this will be a difficult time in your life. Some partners would rather do it on their own while others are happy to go for it together. Whatever you decide, talk to the center about your options. You may even be allowed to stay together in the same room in some cases.

Do They Offer Medically-Monitored Detox?

Another important factor to consider when you wish to go to detox is whether or not the center offers medication during the program. Whether or not you will need it will depend on how long you have been using and how you react to your withdrawals. If you believe you and your spouse will need medication, make sure to find a place that offers it. You and your spouse may feel much more comfortable being in a place that allows you to use medication for your withdrawal symptoms.

Are There Holistic Options?

Another consideration is whether or not the detox center offers holistic options for you and your spouse after the detox portion of the program is over and you are both feeling better. Some may include the following activities:

• Meditation
• Yoga
• Nutrition Therapy
• Exercise
• Acupressure/Acupuncture
• Equine Therapy
• Mindfulness
• Volunteer Opportunities

Many detox centers offer these options so that patients learn how to get used to living without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. If you and your spouse would like to partake in any holistic activities while you are in detox and rehab, do your research before picking a center. This will help you narrow down your choices when you aren’t sure which detox and rehab facility to choose.

Ask for Recommendations

With many options to choose from, you may wish to talk to others about which detox center you should choose. If you have family, friends, or co-workers who have experienced detox in a center before, ask them about their personal knowledge. They will be able to give you some insight into how the detox center runs and what to expect. If you don’t know anyone who has this experience, speak with your doctor or other health care professional. They should be able to recommend a reputable detox center in your area that can take both you and your husband in.

Call Detox Centers

Don’t be afraid to call around to the detox centers you have in mind. A representative of the facility can answer any questions you may have about what they offer and what you can expect. Give us a call today to learn more at 833-497-3812.