How do I overcome my fear of going to a rehab?

It is normal to feel hesitant about going to rehab. People are often fearful when starting a new journey because they don’t know what to expect. Knowing that you are not alone can help you feel better about moving forward. It can help to identify the concerns you have about rehab and get clarity about the cause of your emotions. If you are uncomfortable with what the people in your life will think after finding out that you have an addiction, rest assured that many of your friends, family and coworkers will be supportive.

Though it’s common to want people to think highly of you, there must be an understanding that everyone experiences challenges in life, and those who care about you will be encouraging as you go through rehab. You should know that anyone negative about the situation may not be the best person to have in your life. It is best to have people in your life who are supportive and want to see you overcome any personal struggles. Rehab provides a chance to examine relationships that may be unhealthy, which is beneficial in many ways. Another common fear is about going through withdrawal. Sometimes this is the biggest concern that people have about rehab. Not understanding the withdrawal process can make you continue with drug or alcohol use, even when you want to stop. Much of the fear is from the information you may have heard, read or seen on TV.

Rest assured that rehab programs are well-equipped with medical personnel to handle withdrawal, and they are committed to helping you get through the process. There are protocols to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Professionals in the program are committed to making sure you are as comfortable as possible. Withdrawal symptoms only cause slight discomfort in many cases. Some people are concerned that they will go through the process and not remain sober when it’s all over. Though there is a chance of a relapse occurring, you should focus on what’s necessary to stay sober. Even if you end up relapsing, you will learn lessons that can help you in the future. Staying positive will position you for a successful recovery.

Confronting a Painful Past

A notable reason why some people are afraid of rehab is they don’t want to confront a painful past. Addiction often causes you to harm yourself and those you love. Rehab offers a chance to address what has occurred, which can be difficult. Many addicts feel guilty about their actions and question whether their friends and family will forgive them. Going to rehab means you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Many people just like you have been through the same thing. Rehab provided them with the tools needed to reconcile with loved ones. Never addressing issues or handling them alone is a lot harder than getting help from professionals. Know that it takes time to build relationships, whether they are new or from the past.

Most adults have had to make amends for a mistake made in the past, even those without an addiction. The resources you receive in rehab will equip you with the tools needed to mend relationships from the past and establish more positive relationships in the future. Here’s what helps to make amends.

  • Avoiding excuses
  • Putting yourself in their shoes
  • Giving them sufficient time to heal

Another concern that people have when considering rehab is thinking life will be harder without drugs or alcohol. While there is no doubt that your life will be different after rehabilitation, rest assured that the benefits far outweigh anything that you will lose. There will be an adjustment period where you must find a new normal. Rehab will provide you with the resources needed to help you through that process. Counseling can help you understand what caused you to start using drugs and alcohol. Therapy usually uncovers different emotions that prevent you from being happy.

A counselor can help you cope with challenging aspects of life without using drugs or alcohol. It is possible to live a happy life without substance abuse. Even when the stress of life feels overwhelming, there are things you can do to get through it. It is time for you to live a healthy and more vibrant life. Overcoming the fear of rehab is the beginning of an exciting new journey. Now is the time to take the next step. Call us today at 833-497-3812 for more information about rehab. We are here to provide the resources you or your loved one needs.