How to Choose an Alcohol Outpatient Rehab

In the United States alone, millions of men and women over the age of 12 had a substance abuse disorder in 2018. This includes the use of alcohol, a substance that can be bought in grocery stores, corner shops, and liquor stores all around the country. Alcohol addiction destroys relationships, causes job loss, creates sometimes irreparable riffs among family members, and causes parents to lose their children. This is just the tip of the iceberg, to be honest!

But there is hope. If you or someone you love and care for is dealing with the debilitating disease of addiction, alcohol outpatient rehab is the answer. Of course, how do you know where to go, which center to choose, and who will give you the best help? Read on to find out.

Inpatient and Outpatient- A Comparison

The first decision you will be faced with is whether you want to attend inpatient or outpatient treatment.

If you choose inpatient treatment, you will be fully immersed in the program, day and night. You will stay on-site in your private room, allowing you to focus completely on your treatment with no distractions from the outside.

If you choose outpatient treatment, you will be permitted to stay in your residence. You will attend treatment sessions on the days you choose, allowing you to work around your own schedule.

In many cases, outpatient therapy sessions are the right choice. When you need flexible options for your treatment, outpatient programs are the best way to go.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment?

When it’s time to choose an outpatient facility, understanding the cost is one of the first steps. Some insurance policies will pay for certain aspects of rehab, and outpatient services are often covered more than inpatient. If you have health insurance, call and talk to your provider before choosing an alcohol treatment center. They can guide you with your coverage and show you what services, as well as what centers, will be covered under your plan.

Do They Offer Detox Services?

Some outpatient treatment centers work in conjunction with residential and inpatient programs. This may mean that they may or may not offer detox services. You’ll want to make sure you find a facility that offers on-site detox service if you need it. If they do, another consideration is whether the detox is drug-free or medically-assisted. Many facilities offer Suboxone and Methadone to treat opioid addiction. These drugs can manage withdrawal symptoms by reducing cravings. Other facilities offer detox services that do not include the use of drugs.

What Treatment Methods are Offered?

No two rehab facilities, even outpatient, are the same. Each one offers its own type of treatment, so it is important to conduct your own research to find out what is available. Therapy sessions are a very important part of rehab, but you’ll want to know what to expect. For example, does the center offer only group therapy or will you meet privately with a psychiatrist or addiction specialist? Will you be required to sit with peers for group therapy? Do they offer family therapy as well?

Some facilities offer a couple of treatment methods while others will have a large and varied list for you to choose from. Look for a center that provides the right treatment for you.

Questions to Consider

Remember, it’s perfectly okay to ask questions of the facility you wish to work with. These questions could include:

• What treatment options do you provide?

• What are your days and hours?

• How do you determine the progress of your patients?

• Are there other aftercare services offered?

• Do you drug test on-site?

• Will there be tailored treatment plans?

It’s okay to call as many centers as you need until you find the right one for your situation. Remember, this is your future-the right outpatient center will make all the difference in the world.

Do you need an alcohol rehab center?

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