How to Stop Drinking, Smoking, and Taking Drugs

People often find it challenging to stop drinking, smoking and abusing drugs. It is not easy to get out of cords of addiction, but it is possible. The journey to addiction starts with fun and enjoyment, but it ends with tears. The article will take you through various steps to help you overcome the addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs contain various chemicals that make them addictive. When you take these substances for a long time, you become addicted. Addiction grows with time and use. You become unable to stop using them. Addiction affects your routine and daily activities. It also affects your health and well-being status. The negative impacts of addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs should be a wake-up call for you to quit. Quitting an addiction is not easy, and therefore, it should be a desire expressed by the affected person. Overcoming addiction is impossible, but you can become successful when you have the will and determination.


Psychotherapy is a critical approach when you are seeking to stop an addiction. Quitting an addiction is challenging due to the associated withdrawal symptoms. Therapy will help you cope with the unpleasant symptoms. Therapy also will help you to shun the negative thoughts that contribute to your habit-forming use of drugs, alcohol and smoking by helping you change your thinking and approach to things.


To quit successfully, you should accept that you are addicted and need help. Upon accepting being an addict, you need to identify the positive changes you want to see in your life. This will help you think of the impending accomplishments you need to achieve. It would help if you also listed the negative impacts of drugs, alcohol and smoking. Seeing the negative consequences will help make a quitting resolution soon.


Also, to be able to stick to quitting despite the challenges and temptations, you have to commit. A commitment will enable you to stick to your quitting plan. The choice to stop taking drugs, drinking and smoking are entirely on you. You, therefore, need to make a solid decision for you to quit successfully.

Change of Environment

To quit your addiction, you need to come up with a list of things that you need to do. Your environment highly contributes to your addiction. To stop an addiction, you will need to remove triggers found in your environment. It would help if you stopped going to places that remind you of your addiction. Also, you may need to change your social circle if it consists of alcohol and drug users and smokers.

Find social support

It would help if you found good social support for you to be successful in quitting. Good social support will support you mentally and physically. Also, it helps to motivate you, so you do not lose faith in your decision. A support system will allow you to keep on track to not give up on the addiction quitting process.

Seek appropriate Medications

You need to seek appropriate medications used for addiction treatment. Some medicines are administered by health care providers to successfully and safely help in quitting an addiction. A registered practitioner should prescribe the appropriate drugs for you.


Distractions also are approaches that you can use to quit and deal with relapse temptation. When you crave alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, you should shun the feeling with a distraction. Distractions entail finding new hobbies such as going swimming, going for a walk and watching your favorite show, among others.

Do not give in to Rationalizations

It would help if you also were strong-willed to be able not to give in to rationalizations. Rationalizations occur due to experiences of symptoms of withdrawal. For any physical discomfort, you need to seek a medical doctor for proper intervention. For mental issues, you will need to seek support from support groups or your counselor.

Celebrate your Achievements

Finally, you should ensure that you celebrate your achievements. Quitting drugs, alcohol and smoking is a process that requires a lot of effort. Once you achieve a goal, no matter how small, you need to reward yourself. Celebrating your achievements will keep you motivated. If you are struggling with drug, smoking or alcohol addiction, we are ready to help. Call us today at 833-497-3812.