Is A Residential Drug Detox In Ohio Able To Treat Mental Health?

Many people have depression episodes. Most of them can work through their issues and continue performing their daily responsibilities. If you are among those unable to cope, the people around you might not realize you are struggling at first. You may feel shame causing you to hide from your life and spend most of your time alone while your relationships fall apart. If you are suffering from a mental health issue, residential drug detox in Ohio can help.

Mental Illness in the United States

You are most likely unaware roughly one in every 25 adults in the U.S. suffers from a serious mental illness every year. Millions of individuals are trying to cope with mental health issues including depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. These issues will limit your quality of life. Approximately 50 percent of all people struggling with substance use also have a mental issue. When you receive treatment, appropriate mental health care is critical. You do not need to live your life suffering from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or trauma because all of these mental health conditions can be treated at a residential drug detox program in Ohio.

Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons as to why you have not asked for help including:

  • The side effects of substance use resulted in an incorrect diagnosis
  • You are afraid you will be judged due to the stigma regarding mental health
  • Insufficient insurance coverage
  • You are unable to face your issues
  • You are unable to be absent for family or work responsibilities
  • Limited or nonexistent funds
  • You do not have the support of residential treatment

You will be interested to learn over 14,500 facilities in the United States offer programs for substance use. Unfortunately, there are a lot fewer programs offering residential treatment for a range of mental health issues including dual diagnosis, depression, personality disorders and schizophrenia. This means the need for more residential treatment for mental illness is staggering. Despite this, you can find treatment in Ohio.

Coping with Mental Health Issues and Concerns

When your mental health concerns are significant, you might be unable to live well but not require hospitalization. There is a good chance you are simply coping in the best way you can. Unfortunately, the day will come when you are unable to continue. In the past, people like you slipped through the cracks of the medical system available in the United States. You may need the support offered with rehab but do not have a substance use issue. You may experience compulsive behavior such as overworking or overeating. The only options previously available were outpatient counseling and hospitalization. The problem is outpatient counseling does not provide enough support and hospitalization is extremely restrictive despite offering a good option for severe cases.

According to statistics released by Mental Health America, there were 5.4 million individuals in 1990 looking for mental health treatment. Hospitalization was required for fewer than seven percent. More than 50 percent of those requiring inpatient care suffered from schizophrenia. The good news is the third option that has finally become available. Ohio residential drug detox provides the support you need for your mental health issue. You can receive treatment without hospitalization for numerous mental health issues including:

  • Clinical depression
  • PTSD
  • Chronic anxiety

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential drug detox offers you important benefits for your mental health concerns including:

• Seeing yourself and the world in a different context with new eyes through an environment making it possible to release the behaviors and beliefs that have limited you.

• Receiving help and support from trained professional so you can learn how to work through you upsets, traumas and issues by behaving, feeling and thinking in new ways.

• Having support from others working through similar mental health issues to reduce the feeling of isolation and increase your contentedness.

• Receiving practical care and a supportive structure enabling you to place your focus on yourself and healing. You will not need to worry about managing your medication, work, or even cooking your meals.

The Future of Mental Health Treatment

You have the ability to receive help for your mental health issues through a supportive, safe and effective residential treatment in Ohio. You can receive the help you need to deal with your core issues while addressing your emotional pain, grief, sadness and anger that are an important part of your mental health condition. You can receive treatment in a compassionate, supportive and safe environment while having your emotional scars and wounds treated with care. Our counselors are available to help you 24 hours every day. Call us now at 833-497-3812.