Is an OH Alcohol Rehab the Best Place to Detox from Alcohol and Benzodiazepines?

At the point you decide to stop drinking or using drugs, you immediately put yourself in a position to go through withdrawal. Yes, it’s not a pleasant thing to experience, but it is something you need to go through as you move towards recovery from your addiction. The scariest part of contemplating withdrawal is the fear of the unknown. If this would be your first time to attempt abstinence, you probably don’t know what to expect. That’s a reasonable thing for everyone to assume.

With that in mind, here are some of the potential withdrawal symptoms you might encounter when you put aside your alcohol or benzos:

  • Delirium tremens (DTs) and body tremors
  • Alcohol withdrawal seizures
  • Potential issues with your respiratory system
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels
  • Buzzing or ringing in the ears
  • Memory loss and loss of motor control of some parts of your body
  • Psychosis (depression and anxiety)
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Restlessness and insomnia
  • Muscle cramping in the stomach area

Would you actually experience any of these withdrawal symptoms? That would depend on the extent of your addiction. However, you should expect to encounter a least a few of these symptoms within the first three to five days of your abstinence. At this point, you might be wondering how you should go about managing your withdrawal symptoms in order to avoid any serious health issues. The answer is very clear. Your best option would be to check yourself into a detox clinic. A good medically monitored detox program would keep you safe throughout the entire detox process. As far as where to find a detox clinic, you would have two really good options. The lesser of the two options would be to find a clinic that offers only detox services. They are generally set up to handle the detox process related to any kind of substance. After the detox process is over, most detox clinics can offer you referrals to reputable addiction treatment centers like ours. Your second option, the better of the two, would be to find a full-service rehab center that offers both detox and therapeutic services. Our Ohio facility falls in this category. Are there benefits to this approach? Let’s investigate.

Is an OH Alcohol Rehab the Best Place to Detox from Alcohol and Benzodiazepines?

The short answer is a simple yes. By going through withdrawal in a full-service clinic, you would get the benefit of continuity of care. What exactly does that mean? It’s a huge advantage going through detox in the same facility that would be handling the therapy part of your treatment. The ability of staff members to share information about your progress could prove to be invaluable. It also opens the door for your therapists to start preliminary counseling while you are going through withdrawal. Meanwhile, the facility’s medical staff would be monitoring your progress. Should you start showing any signs of distress, the staff would be there to keep you safe and comfortable by any means necessary. That could include prescribing relief medications for pain and sleep. After completing the detox process, you would only need to report to the facility’s addiction treatment area to start therapy.

When you start therapy, your mind and body should be reasonably clear of alcohol and benzos. That would afford you the chance to really concentrate on the therapy portion of treatment. As you deal with your therapists, it’s up to you to commit to the process. Without your full commitment, something will get missed. If that were to happen, a relapse would be inevitable. If you would commit to the process, you would likely come to understand what has been driving your addiction. With that information in hand, it would be easier for you to figure out how to stop your desire to abuse alcohol or benzos. In all honesty, a good set of coping and life skills might be all you need to stay sober for the rest of your life.

If you are ready to stop drinking and using benzos, we would like to invite you to contact our Ohio facility about treatment. Based on the title of this article, we can provide you with the services you would need. For more information about the facility and the addiction treatment services we offer, you can contact us any time day or night at 833-497-3812.