Is There a Private Drug Detox Center That Can Handle Heavy Addiction?

Is there a private drug detox center that can handle heavy addiction? Yes, of course. There are private drug detox centers designed to handle almost any drug addiction situation. You may think that your situation is hopeless. Perhaps you’ve been taking very high doses of powerful opioids for years. You may be a long-standing alcoholic who has managed to hide it from your employer for many years. Maybe you have become dependent on prescription tranquilizers, and now you can’t figure out how to stop taking them. It doesn’t matter. Drug detox centers are there to help you. You just need to find the right one.

What is Heavy Addiction?

This generally refers to someone who has used large amounts of a substance for an extended period of time. It’s someone with an established, problematic addiction too far advanced to handle alone. While heavy is a relative word, if you think you have a heavy addiction, you almost certainly do. And you will need specialized help to quit. This article will explain how to get that help shortly.


The first thing you must understand about addiction is that it’s not your fault. Addiction can happen to anyone, but it’s far more likely in those with a genetic predisposition to it. Chemical addiction tendencies can and do run in families. The environment is another addiction risk factor. If you grew up with substance abusers, you are more likely to have the problem yourself. It’s what you learned, it’s what you saw, and it’s what you know. A traumatic event can also increase the odds of substance abuse. Some people have all three of these risk factors. Once you get into the treatment phase of drug rehab treatment, you will learn how to cope with your past triggers. However, first you must stop taking your drug of choice. This is what detox is all about.


The detox method for you will be determined partly by your drug of choice. It’s very important not to try to stop using alcohol, tranquilizers or other sedatives and sleeping medications without professional help. Withdrawal from these substances, especially if you used them in high doses for long periods of time, can cause fatal grand mal seizures. A detox facility will know how to withdraw you from these drugs safely. Opioid withdrawal, while not generally dangerous, can still be so painful and difficult that people can’t stand it. They use again just to get some relief. Again, a detox center will know how to withdraw you from opioids comfortably and safely.


Detox centers will almost certainly medicate you to help you withdraw from your drug of choice safely and successfully. This can take time, so be patient. A common medication for opioid withdrawal is Suboxone. It contains a synthetic opioid, buprenorphine, which acts on the same opioid brain receptors that other opioids do. However, buprenorphine only partially activates these receptors. It doesn’t cause euphoria or sedation. It just satisfies the opioid craving and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. With the craving and the withdrawal symptoms at bay, you’re more likely to complete the detox. Suboxone can be either gradually withdrawn until you’re not taking any at all, or it can be taken indefinitely. After you complete detox and rehab, you will better know if daily Suboxone is for you or not. If so, you can get a prescription for it from a specially licensed physician. It can be filled at any pharmacy that stocks it. You take it daily in the privacy of your home.


Sometimes, heavy opioid addictions will require the use of methadone. This is a full opioid, not a partial one, so it relieves withdrawal symptoms for virtually everyone, no matter how heavy their opioid addiction is. Methadone can also be gradually reduced in dose over time, or it can be taken on a daily basis long after completion of drug detox and rehab. Some opioid addicts can’t stay clean off their opioid drug of choice without it. Other people can. There is nothing wrong with needing some help from either Suboxone or methadone. Don’t let other people judge you for that. In fact, it’s best not to even tell people you take either one. Even people who should know better may make disparaging remarks. Employers may think you’ll be a bad risk. It’s best to keep the information to yourself.

Help is Here

If you need help finding a detox facility able to handle your heavy addiction, we can help. We’re trained drug counselors, and it’s what we do. Just call us at 833-497-3812 anytime. We have the resources to help you find the right drug detox for your heavy addiction.