What can I bring with me to a heroin treatment center?

Choosing to enter drug treatment is a huge decision. Once you have made the choice to treat your illness, you will have other choices and decisions to make. What can I bring with me to a heroin treatment center? A quality detox facility will give you information on what you can bring for connection and comfort. Depending on where you’re going, it’s a good idea to check the dress code. Within those rules, focus on cotton to keep you comfortable when sweating and pack a fleece jacket to capture body heat. Sweats that are easy to get in and out of are a good idea; heroin withdrawal can be very hard on your gut and diarrhea may be a challenge.

Comfort and Connection

Make a list of folks that you want to be able to reach out to on this journey. This may include family and friends, your physician or your 12 step sponsor. Write out a paper list with phone numbers and email addresses. You may be able to bring your phone, but you may not be able to have it with you for the first few days. As this will be the time you really need to reach out, a paper list is critical. Leave valuables like jewelry at home. If you always wear your wedding ring or watch, bring those items on your person. Make sure you catalog them when you enter the facility. You will need some cash in small bills. Your ID and insurance card will need to be included in your bag, as will

  • current medications in sealed containers with a copy of the prescription
  • liquid medications, sealed with prescription
  • supplements in sealed containers

If you take an over the counter supplement at the direction of your physician, have your doctor contact the treatment facility directly for approval. Understand that you may have to turn these products over and get your meds dispersed by the staff. As noted above, you may not be able to keep your electronics with you in the first stage of your treatment process. Bring a paper book, a journal, stamps and envelopes, and photos of your loved ones to comfort you through the process. Be aware that your book may need to be approved by facility staff to make sure that you’re able to stay focused on healing and a positive outcome.

Going through detox can be extremely hard on your body. Make sure you pack the toiletries you need to fell refreshed and clean, including an antibacterial body wash, lotion to comfort irritated skin, shampoo and conditioner to freshen your scalp, and sunscreen for trips outdoors. Your makeup and shaving equipment will also be necessary to feel groomed; be prepared to have your makeup and shaving kit catalogued. When packing your clothing, make sure you have something dressy with you. Your treatment plan may include a family night with loved ones; you will want to look your best. Slippers to keep your feet warm and socks to wick away perspiration will make your time in your sleeping space feel a bit more comfortable. Other gear for your comfort will include

  • shower shoes, pajamas and a robe
  • a bathing suit and a cover-up
  • tennis shoes and comfy hiking sandals

You should probably pack at least seven days worth of clothes. There may be laundry facilities that you can access, or a laundry service at your treatment facility. In addition to pants, shorts and sweats, check the dress code to make sure your tops are appropriate. Tanks and shirts that bare you midriff may not be allowed. If you generally have a hat with you out of habit or for sun protection, bring it but be aware that you may not be allowed to wear it indoors. Finally, tees with graphics may not be allowed. Heroin detox, withdrawal and treatment are incredibly tough. If you’re ready to take this critical step to improve your life and bring things under control, we are here to help you on your journey. Carefully review the rules and regulations so you pack items that will both fulfill requirements and provide you comfort. Call us at 833-497-3812.