What Does A Detox Program Do For Your Health?

If you’re looking to improve your health, lose weight, or simply feel better, then you may want to consider a detox program. Detoxing is becoming increasingly popular as people realize the benefits that it can have on their overall quality of life. This blog post will go over some frequently asked questions about detox programs and hopefully give you a clearer understanding of what they do for your body!

A detox program is a short period (usually 28 days) of abstaining from certain types of food and beverages, along with moderate exercise. During this time, participants consume plenty of water, herbal teas, and some fresh juices and superfoods known to remove toxins and improve health gently. Many people also like to cleanse their home during this time using non-chemical cleaners such as borax, baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and club soda. The following are things a detox program can do for your health.

Improves Weight Loss

Detox programs are known to cause weight loss. Now, this is not the type of quick weight loss that can be seen with crash diets. This is more of a slow and steady long term weight-loss combined with improved health. As you begin to detox your body, you notice that it loses fat while maintaining its muscle mass. You should also see an improvement in energy levels as well as mental clarity. Many who follow detox programs report sleeping better than they have in years because their body isn’t over-worked by toxins. They may even experience some initial acne breakouts due to the release of toxins through the skin (the largest organ of elimination).

Improved Digestive System

Many people who have followed a detox program have reported improvements in their digestive systems. This is because participants’ food choices are limited during the time of abstaining from certain foods, so their bodies don’t have to work as hard to digest all the different types of foods, which can tax your system over time.

No More Cravings

You may also find that you no longer experience cravings for certain types of foods like sugar and coffee. This is great news if you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your health because it means that your body has finally had enough and is now asking for healthier foods! You might even find that you enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables that you once found unappetizing or not “worthy” of eating.

Flatter Stomach

You may even notice that your stomach becomes flattered while on a detox program. This is because you are feeding your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly, so it no longer requires excess food or processed foods to get by. You will also find yourself eating less over time, causing excess weight loss, contributing to the appearance of a flatter stomach.

Improved Energy Levels

After about 7-10 days into your detox program, you should begin noticing improved energy levels due to an improvement in how you process oxygen and organic nutrients from the foods you eat. With improved nutrient absorption, your body can work efficiently while clearing toxins out of your system at the same time! The result is improved health and energy levels that you may not have experienced before.

Clear Skin

Many people report improvements in the appearance of their skin while on a detox program. This is because your body’s largest organ, the skin, eliminates toxins through sweat and oil-producing glands found throughout the body. By eating healthier foods and taking advantage of juices, teas, superfoods, fruits, and vegetables, you are providing your skin with all it needs to help eliminate toxins naturally! So after about 7 days into your detox program, you should begin seeing improvements in your skin tone & texture which can lead to fewer breakouts or skin irritations.

Improved Mental Clarity

Once your body has begun to rid itself of stored up toxins, you should start noticing that your mind is more clear. You will experience improved focus, concentration, and memory, which can help to improve the quality of work or play.

Improved Sleep Quality

After about 10 days into your detox program, you should notice an improvement in sleep quality because your body has begun resting deeply due to less anxiety brought on by toxins being stored up during the day. This means that you might find yourself having trouble staying awake during certain times of the day because your body is getting sufficient rest which ultimately leads to better overall health & wellness! Now keep in mind that not everyone who follows a detox program will experience all these benefits, but anyone who does so consistently for 7-10 days will likely see at least a few of these benefits! Try our Detox Program today and feel the difference we can make in your life. Call us at 833-497-3812.