What Does Heroin Withdrawal Feel Like?

Did you know that alcohol and drug addiction costs the US economy over $600 billion annually? The most affected age group is between 18 to 25 years. But, how do you know that you are an addict? When:

• You find yourself changing behavior.
• Usual activities such as cooking are impossible to perform.
• You are ready to steal money to purchase the drug.
• It is hard to focus on a task without consuming the drug.
• You get yourself thinking about the drug often.

Although it is human nature to find reasons, you should not blame yourself if you are addicted. It is useless and will only worsen your situation. Heroin addiction may occur due to hereditary factors.

Drug withdrawal is minimizing the intake of the drug in hopes that your body gets to detest it. Depending on the heroin usage frequency and amount of drugs consumed, it will result in withdrawal effects. The following are some of the heroin withdrawal symptoms.

Mild Reactions

These signs will start to kick in after about six hours from the last intake. The body naturally reacts towards the absence of the narcotic. Below are the indications.

• Insomnia
• Increased anxiety
• Flu-like symptoms such as a running nose
• Profuse sweating
• Muscle pain
• An intense craving for the drug.

After Three Days 

You will experience the following signs after three days.

• Concentration problems
• Psychological issues
• Mood swings
• Uneasiness
• Digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea
• Hypertension
• Shivering

After a week, these symptoms intensify. Due to hampered functioning of the mind, the user may involve themselves in dangerous and illegal activities. It is such a sensitive phase that demands thorough care.

What Medications Can Help With the Withdrawal?

The following medications are crucial in treating adverse withdrawal symptoms.


Methadone is an opioid drug, just like heroin, first created in World War 2. It provides relief to pain and can be used as a detox drug for heroin withdrawal. It alters the way your nervous system responds to addiction. The remedy also hampers any effect from the narcotics.

The medication comes in tablet or liquid form. Only take it after a doctor’s prescription. If you are working on your addiction, you should only use it for one year. Follow the dosage the experts recommend to avoid becoming addicted to it as well.


During the first and second days of the treatment, the doctor will recommend buprenorphine. It is used as sublingual tablets (put under the tongue). An expert will also have you undergo counseling sessions during the treatment. Pregnant mothers should not consume the drug, as it may negatively affect the unborn baby. It also does not work well with allergic people or anyone suffering from kidney disease.

Open up to your doctor about your family medical history before you start therapy. Ensure that you are honest to get the best care. Other vital things to remember are:

• Avoid any drink or food when the medication is in your mouth. Only eat a meal when it completely dissolves.
• Do not crush the tablet, then sniff it as powder. It may be fatal for you.
• Also, avoid putting it in liquid form to inject it into your veins.
• Stay away from driving after the medication. It may make you drowsy and cause an accident.
• Ensure that you only take the recommended dosage. Consuming more than one tablet at once will result in fatality.
• In case you experience allergic reactions such as hives, consult a doctor right away.


Naltrexone also hinders the narcotic effect on your body. During recovery, the drug stops you from feeling needy. It is administered via injection on a muscle once a month. Other than heroin addiction, it can also be used to combat alcohol dependency.

Note that naltrexone will only be administered if you have not consumed methadone and buprenorphine. You may observe specific reactions such as itching, redness, and even swelling on the body area where the medicine was injected. However, get back to your doctor if the side effects last more than two weeks. Just like the other remedies, avoid any hazardous activities.

Addiction treatment may seem hard because of the severe withdrawal symptoms, but it is possible. With professional guidance, you can free yourself of drug addiction and dependency. Self-discipline is also essential in your recovery. If you need medical help, contact us today at 833-497-3812.