What Is The Admissions Process Like To Get Into a Detox Center?

Going to a detox center gives you a safe and comfortable way to wean your body off of drugs and alcohol so that you can focus better on getting sober. Detox centers welcome people from all walks of life, and the professional care providers that you meet are eager to make the process of getting into a program as easy as possible. At first, the thought of going to an inpatient treatment program might be a little overwhelming. If you’ve been struggling with substance use, then you may be worried about whether or not you can even make it through the first hour, much less several days or weeks. Feeling anxious is completely normal, which is why you’ll find that the detox center’s staff has already worked out a roadmap for helping you to ease into the program. When you’re wondering what the admissions process is like to get into a detox center, you can read through this overview and be ready to take the next step.

The general admissions process is designed to help the staff get to know your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. The process typically goes through these important steps:

  • Gather essential personal information such as your name and address
  • Get health insurance information
  • Conduct a physical exam
  • Complete a mental health assessment
  • Finish up the check-in process

While you will need to provide some personal information to help the staff know who you are and create your treatment plan, it helps to know that everything you say is confidential. The staff will potentially need to notify your insurance company of your stay, but they are also bound by confidentially laws that protect your reputation when that is a concern. Knowing that what you say to the treatment team will be kept private can make it easier to talk freely about your addiction.

Get Prepared for Your Admission Into a Detox Center

If you’ve ever checked into a doctor or dental clinic before, then you already have an idea of what the first stages of the admissions process is like. By now, you’ve likely filled out multiple forms for health care purposes that only require the most basic details about your health history. Many people find that this step feels so familiar that they hardly notice a difference between going to detox and their other health care experiences. Keep in mind that your treatment team will help you through this step if it proves to be difficult due to your substance use or withdrawal symptoms.

If you are capable, you can make the admissions process smoother by arriving with the information that you need to help the staff complete your intake. If you have health insurance, then bringing your ID card and account information helps them to begin covering your financial needs. You’ll also need your driver’s license or other form of ID along with information about your medical history. For instance, you might need to bring any prescription medications that you take along with information about any current health conditions that you are treating. During detox, you might be able to continue taking certain medications, and your treatment team will want to know if you have any major medical needs such as a special diet or breathing treatments at night.

Next, you’ll want to get prepared for a physical and mental assessment. This step of the admissions process is routine, and it is designed to help the care providers develop a plan to keep you safe throughout the first several days of your treatment. Using this information, they’ll be able to tell if you need help regulating your heart rate or managing other withdrawal symptoms. The mental health assessment will let the team know if you have any co-existing conditions, such as depression or anxiety, that will also need treatment while you are in the center.

As the final step in the admissions process, you’ll be prepared to enter the inpatient setting. A caring staff member will give you a tour of the center and show you your room. Then, they’ll go over your schedule with you and help guide you into the process of enjoying nutritious meals, healing therapy sessions and recreational activities.

The first true step in the admissions process is reaching out to a detox center to let them know you are coming. Give us a call today at 833-497-3812 and we’ll help you set up your first stage of detox treatment.