Where Can I Find An Outpatient Drug Detox Center Near Me?

Outpatient drug detox centers provide a range of treatment services. These services help clients withdraw safely from mood-altering drugs. They typically last about one week and assist those with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. This period is sufficient for most people to recover. However, those who discover severe withdrawal symptoms should seek inpatient recovery programs because they offer 24-hour medical care and emotional and psychological support.

Outpatient treatment is an excellent option for individuals who work and have a supportive family. However, outpatient detox is not for individuals with a chronic addiction or other underlying health conditions. This is because an outpatient detox center allows you to remain in your home while receiving treatment. Many different types of outpatient detox centers exist, so you should choose one that best fits your needs.

Finding the Right Outpatient Detox Center For Your Needs

Outpatient drug rehab is practical and convenient, and the best part is that it is affordable. Unlike the sterile confines of a hospital or nursing home, you can return to your abode at a reasonable hour of the day. Taking the time to choose the right treatment center can mean the difference between a lifetime of recovery and an otherwise unremarkable life. The right program for you can lead to a new lease on life and the ability to get back on your feet. Choosing a facility may be difficult, but with persistence and advice from doctors or mental health professionals, you can find the right drug detox center that meets all your needs.

The Benefits of Outpatient Over Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detoxification is a complex, multistep process that requires drastic lifestyle changes. This intense type of detox inevitably leads to a higher cost — from medical bills to the additional room and board charges. In comparison, outpatient treatment is often more suitable for those who want to tackle their substance use disorder with minimal disruption to their regular life. An outpatient treatment approach is financially beneficial, provides individuals with greater flexibility, and allows necessary obligations, such as work and family life, to be addressed concurrently with recovery. Furthermore, outpatient drug detox will enable individuals to receive treatment without leaving their supportive home environment. It can be especially helpful for those who struggle with loneliness and anxiety in unfamiliar settings.

How to Cover the Cost of Outpatient Drug Detox

Your local government can assist you in paying for outpatient drug detox, and they can provide the treatment for free or at a reduced cost. Insurance programs can also help you pay for detox and rehab. In addition to Medicaid and Medicare, public health insurance plans also provide addiction treatment to millions of people who do not have private health insurance. You can also visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Services Locator to find a program in your area. Another option is to contact your local health department office, and they can direct you to a local rehab center. Depending on your condition, you may be covered by your insurance for the cost of outpatient drug detox. However, you will still need to meet specific criteria to be approved.

What To Expect During the Detox Process

There are several things to know, whether you are new to detox or have done it before. Understanding what you can expect from the detox process can help you get through it successfully. Outpatient detox is a safer and more comfortable way to begin your recovery rather than simply trying to cope with your withdrawal symptoms without medical assistance. You will also be able to attend support group meetings, which will help you deal with any feelings about the process. You can expect to receive medications to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. Healthcare professionals will monitor your progress to ensure you are never overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxing the body can be a challenging and painful task. People experience symptoms differently, and their duration and severity vary depending on the substance they have used. If you need help finding an outpatient drug detox program, call our counselors at 833-497-3812. They can provide the necessary guidance and support to help you make the best decisions.