Are There Recovery Programs Near Columbus That Only Focus on Alcohol and Drugs?

Addictive behaviors are always destructive over time and can lead to financial problems for gamblers, health problems of overeaters and heart trouble for workaholics. However, drug and alcohol addiction require addicts to face all of these challenges and require them to go through detox, which requires medical supervision. Are there recovery programs near Columbus that only focus on alcohol and drugs? The unfortunate cultural tendency to treat addiction as a failure of willpower and personal strength means that many avoid going for drug and alcohol treatment until a crisis occurs, such as

  • legal challenges
  • a health crisis, up to and including hospitalization
  • an accident while under the influence
  • a relationship collapse or other major life change

Many people seeking detox and treatment also crave privacy as they work through the initial challenges. Monitored detox is crucial to prevent a serious health risk for those needing treatment for drugs and alcohol.

Detox and Treatment Require Specific Support

Unlike many addictive behaviors, stopping the use of a drug can be fatal if the person going through detox is not properly monitored. Drug and alcohol addiction primes and trains the body to need the drugs and alcohol. Taking those products away is a necessary step for many going through detox, but it puts the body into withdrawal. A medically managed detox may include medications to reduce the impact of withdrawal and lessen the risk of detox. While going through detox, you may struggle from

  • clamminess and sweating
  • nausea and diarrhea
  • dehydration
  • anxiety, paranoia and depression

Going through these steps with counselors and medical professionals who can help you manage these physical challenges as well as emotional stress and mental challenges of detox. It’s said that misery loves company, but the misery of detox may not be something you want to share for those in treatment for other addictions. This is not to say that addictive behaviors outside of drug and alcohol treatment are not worthy of treatment. You just may not want to be in treatment with someone struggling with challenges outside that sphere.

Drug and alcohol addiction is extremely hard on your body. You may need medical monitoring to track your fluid intake, your nutrient levels, and your output. You may need regular blood tests. You may be taking medications formulated to help you reduce the anguish of opioid cravings. If you’re detoxing from alcohol, you may have moments where you’re not sure of what is real and what is in your imagination. You want to be cared for by professionals who know the symptoms you’re dealing with and who can help you most effectively. The cultural shame imposed upon people already dealing with the stress of addiction, detox and the rigors of treatment can add to your stress level. You may be dealing with damaged relationships, struggling to find ways back to loved ones who have turned away, or trying to build a new community.

The emotional challenges of dealing with that pressure can make your detox process even more miserable and make it harder to focus on your treatment plan. Community is critical to those going through drug and alcohol treatment. Knowing that other folks in your living space or group meetings have been through the same pain you’re dealing with may be the thing that gives you the courage to step up and ask for help. Even if your fellow treatment neighbors don’t feel comfortable giving you guidance, having someone to commiserate with can help you feel less alone. Shame, guilt and isolation will make your emotional challenges even more intense as you cleanse your body and brain.

Knowing that those around you are in the same unpleasant boat can help. Treatment take great courage. You may have been sent to detox, but going through treatment is often a choice that forces you to face a future that is, at best, hazy. Your ability to move forward will take the help and guidance of professionals with drug and alcohol expertise. Your neighbors will be easier to connect with if they’re traveling a similar path. Ready to get started? Call us today at 833-497-3812 for detailed information on treatment directed toward those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.