Will the Staff at an Alcohol Treatment Center Judge Me if It’s Not My First Time?

When it comes to alcohol addiction, there are a lot of harsh realities that we all have to accept. First, alcoholism continues to be a significant problem in the U.S. Second, the only way people can really try to beat an alcohol addiction problem is by seeking help from a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center like ours. Third and lastly, people are going to relapse after valiant efforts to stay sober.

If you are in the throes of an alcohol addiction problem, you have your own set of realities with which you have to deal. Your realities might include things like:

  • You are struggling with personal relationships involving family and friends
  • You are having difficulties at work or school
  • You are having financial problems due to your drinking
  • You only feel good when you are drinking
  • You have lost interest in things that used to mean a lot to you
  • You are having legal difficulties with divorce, DUI, or criminal offenses

If you take a hard look at your life and you see yourself on this list, you can’t afford to keep going down this path. That’s especially true if you have already been through rehab only to find yourself back on the bottle. Experts estimate that at least 65% of the people who go through rehab will eventually relapse. That kind of statistic should be proof to you that your relapses make you one of the crowd. Here’s the good news. As long as you keep trying to fight back against your addiction, there is always a chance you will win. While the relapse numbers may seem discouraging, there are plenty of great recovery stories as well. Stories of people who have had great struggles with alcoholism yet won the battle and went on to great things in their lives. You can be one of those people. Setting your relapses aside, the road to recovery still leads through the front door of s reputable rehab like ours.

Will the Staff at an Alcohol Treatment Center Judge Me if It’s Not My First Time?

In reply to the titled question, no one who works in a good rehab is going to judge you if you have been through the rehab process before. In fact, you might find they actually admire you for picking yourself up again and getting yourself back into treatment. It takes a good deal of courage to feel you have failed and yet be able to keep trying. What you will find is the rehab facility’s staff members will use your relapse history as the basis for changing your treatment program. They know all too well that if one thing is not working, they have to try something else.

That’s exactly the reason why so many top rehabs offer so many different therapy options. They have to have access to different programs in order to meet the unique needs of each client. For your part, you would need to continue making a stronger effort towards your recovery. You can never give up if you want to someday walk out of rehab and never have to go through the doors again. One thing you can expect as your efforts at sobriety fall short is to spend more time in treatment. After several shots at sobriety, the solution might be a long term treatment program.

How long is a long term treatment program? It could be as long as six months. While that might sound like a drastic measure, you would have to consider how much your life is worth. People who suffer from chronic alcoholism don’t tend to live long lives if they can’t find a path to stop drinking. They typically live in constant turmoil and eventually die young and lonely. The fact you are reading this information and still want to get treatment indicates you are looking for a different fate. If you have recently experienced a relapse, you don’t have time to beat yourself up.

As you well know, you have to go back into treatment. The good news is you can do so without having to worry about someone passing judgment on you. We just want to stand by you while you continue your battle until the battle is won. If you are ready for treatment again, you need to pick up the phone and call us. You can reach one of our professional staff members by dialing 833-497-3812.