How Are Creative Therapies Integrated into a Holistic Rehabilitation Center?

Using creative therapies, such as art, music, and writing, are beneficial in a number of ways for recovering addicts in a holistic rehabilitation center. These benefits make it worthwhile for caregivers to find ways to incorporate these types of therapies into the treatment process. One of the most common ways this is done is by using art to help recovering addicts get the most out of therapy sessions. Either by using artistic imagery to introduce an individual to new concepts or by asking an individual to draw or write about their thoughts, creativity becomes helpful in sharing the thoughts and feelings that affect recovery. It can also be helpful to show an individual a piece of artwork and ask them to describe it. When the individual explains the artwork and the impression it gives off from the individual’s point of view, it becomes easier to gain a thorough understanding of the individual’s thought process. This helps open up topics that the therapist and recovering addict will need to discuss. Creativity is also used to help an individual explore their own thoughts through the process of free association.

Either through writing, drawing, or painting, the individual is asked to create the first thing that comes into their thoughts. This helps the therapist explore the individual’s innermost thoughts, while the act of creating art maintains a relaxing environment for the session. This helps the individual open up more freely, allowing them to explore thoughts they previously hadn’t considered. A similar use of creative therapy is one in which the therapist and recovering addict work together to create a piece of art. While the vision for what they’re creating is solely that of the recovering addict, the therapist helps to guide the creation of the art. As they work together to create something unique that expresses the addict’s thoughts, the therapist engages the individual in therapeutic conversations. The discussions provide a deeper exploration of the topics that the creation of the art raises.

What Are the Benefits of Creative Therapies?

There are several ways that incorporating creative therapies into a holistic rehabilitation program are beneficial. The most obvious benefit is that creating art as a means of therapy provides a way of expressing thoughts and feelings in a visual form. It’s not always easy to express yourself through speech, but exploring your emotions through the creation of art makes it easier. This is especially true for introverted individuals who don’t feel comfortable talking openly in any circumstances. It’s also helpful in exploring difficult or traumatic experiences. While the individual may not be able to talk about the event, they will usually find it easier to draw pictures that describe the event. It’s also easier for the individual to develop trust in their therapist when they can focus on creating art instead of dwelling on the uncomfortable topics they’re discussing. This may be why recovering addicts who have access to creative therapies in treatment are less likely to relapse once they’re out on their own. When they take an interest in creating art, they have another healthy coping mechanism to utilize. This helps them deal with triggers through artistic expression. Recovering addicts have suffered devastating blows to their self-confidence, so it’s important to rebuild the sense of self-worth. Whether they’re sculpting, painting, or creating art in another form, their progress in creating the art will help them rebuild their self-esteem.

Creative therapies put the recovering addict in control of their art. After having gone through a long period in which they felt an extreme loss of control in their lives, taking control in a creative project helps restore some of those feelings. As they regain better self-esteem, they will also begin to explore healthier emotions. The use of art as a therapeutic tool helps each recovering addict explore their hopes for the future in addition to helping them explore their feelings. Ultimately, this leads to a path of self-discovery that shows them the dreams they have for their future. Recovering addicts who go through these types of therapy in a holistic rehabilitation center show a stronger sense of self as they find new ambitions to explore. By the time they leave the rehab facility, they have a clearer picture of what they want to do as sober and clean members of society. If you are looking for a holistic approach to addiction recovery, call us at 833-497-3812. Our counselors are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction recovery. We can help you find the treatment program that’s best for your situation.