How Can I Make My Home Welcoming When My Husband Comes Back from A Private Detox Center?

Surviving detox or rehab is a major step for a recovering addict. However, leaving the comfort and structure of said environment could prove challenging. The individual in question must now face the reality of resuming a normal life a sober civilian.

With such considerations at hand, the people living in the healing subject’s home face potentially difficult circumstances. Said persons will want to make the environment as comfortable as possible while helping their loved one maintain sobriety. This can be a delicate balancing act.

Fortunately, however, such aims can be achieved. Our Ohio-situated detox center invites the loves of those soon to leave detox or rehab read this article discussing suggestions regarding how to make the home as comfortable and safe for said individuals.

Specific Tips

Do Not Place Undue Pressure On The Recovering Addict

Loved ones must remember that rehab or detox is the first step in a lifelong process. The individual in question might have successfully completed such programs. However, that does not mean that their lives will automatically or immediately revert to the happy and productive lives they led before their dependency began.

Recovering subjects need time to adjust to a new way of life. Therefore, upon their return home, relations are strongly urged to not engage in any potentially stressful actions such as:

  • Asking too many questions
  • Expecting too much too fast
  • Thinking all challenges have been overcome
  • Making too many demands
  • Placing heavy pressures or undue burdens

Additional stress is the last issue healing persons need to cope with at this time. It is completely acceptable to express concern and demonstrate a desire to see their loved ones recapture happy, healthy and productive lives. That said, family members or other close relations need to allow former addicts to advance at their own pace and handle what they are capable of handling at a given time.

Zero In On The Present

It can be easy to dredge up the past and focus on past events and mistakes. A recovering addict’s past is likely painful and filled with bitter memories and experiences they are striving so diligently to overcome. Reminding said individuals of such occurrences can place undue mental strain on them and could precipitate relapse. Therefore, attention should only be placed on the future.

Keep The Home Clean

The home should well-kempt and be free of clutter. The healing soul should return to a safe and healthy environment. Messes and disorganization can result in stress. Moreover, an unsanitary environment might produce illness. Even minor ailments could prove challenging for recovering addicts whose bodies went through the rigors of the detox process and may have been ravaged by the substance they were dependent on for years.

Encourage Communication

Open, honest and effective communication between the healing subject and their loves ones is crucial. Recovering addicts should never feel alone or isolated. Said emotions and experiences often precipitate additive behaviors. Therefore, the relations of such persons should always foster open communications and offer a sympathetic outlet for their feelings.

Limit Potential Temptations Or Bad Influences

The recovering person’s family must limit temptations as much as humanly possible and keep potential bad influences out of the home. For example, if the individual traversing through the amelioration process was dependent on alcohol, relatives are encouraged to lock up liquor cabinets. Moreover, bad influences from said individual’s past like exes, dealers, or malfeasants should be prohibited from entering said premises at all costs.

Help Loved One Create A Routine

Many people have heard variations of the phrase stating that idle time often proves dangerous. This is especially true for one in the midst of recovery. Adhering to an established routine prevents said subject from facing large swaths of free time. An excessive amount of downtime could result in boredom. Boredom could cause the mind to wander and conjure potentially destructive thoughts.

Set Limits

Healing subjects should be bound by a certain degree of rules and limitations. Granted, such regulations do not have to be excessive or dictatorial. However, requiring said persons to follow a set of guidelines forces them to develop discipline and be held accountable for their actions.

Be Patient

Arguably, the most important action a loved one can take is to develop and display a large amount of patience. Adjusting to this transition will often prove challenging for the one healing and their familial unit. However, being patient and allowing their loved one time and space increases the chance for an effective and expedited transition.

Contacting Us

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