How Do I Find a Good Drug Detox Center in Ohio if I Have a Fear of Hospitals?

Deciding to seek professional help for your addiction problem at a good detox center is certainly not an easy choice. With a myriad of barriers and challenges such as costs, stigma, fear of hospitals, and fear of losing your job, you may find yourself procrastinating on getting the help you need to get your life back on track. Fortunately, you aren’t alone in this.

If you have been procrastinating on getting help for your substance addiction problem because you fear hospitals, we will take you through a few steps to help you find a good detox center.

Ask for recommendations

Do you know anyone who has been to a detox facility and made it through the end of the tunnel? Perhaps that’s an ideal place to begin your search. Ask them to take you through their experiences at the detox facility from start to end. It should give you a clearer picture of what to expect if you decide to enroll for the detox program. Write down all these recommendations and their contacts to find out more information about their programs and services.

Find out about licensing and accreditation

Maybe your fear of hospitals stems from dreading bad medical services and attention. Ensure that your prospective detox facility is licensed and accredited. This gives you more confidence in the facility and ensures that you will receive high-quality services.

Examine treatment protocols

Does the facility’s treatment protocol give you confidence in the treatment program? Most facilities are alike in how they offer different forms of detoxification, therapy, counseling, and stipulating regulations. Nonetheless, there will be a few variances in how the facilities offer detox and treatment methods. For instance, some detox facilities are run with religious groups or the government. Identifying these treatment protocols will help you find a facility that suits you and puts your heart and mind at peace.

Identify customer service quality

Your fear of detox probably stems from the fear of not knowing what withdrawal feels like. It’s quite common if you are going through detox for the first time, and you have no idea what to expect. If you’ve seen someone struggling through the withdrawal phase, thinking about it may make you anxious. It’s, however, important to know that everyone experiences their own detox journey, and no one solution suits all.

The quality of customer care at the detox facility might make the process easier. Having medical doctors and therapists assuring you of constant monitoring in case of an emergency or during the withdrawal phase may make things easier. Although we would be lying if we said that the staff at the detox facility would share your pain, their level of professionalism, attention, and care will make the process bearable.

Proximity to your home and family

Your fear of hospitals during detox requires a strong support system for you to manage the process. You could opt for an outpatient program that gives you the chance to go to the detox facility for treatment and return home. Find one that’s close to home where your biggest support system resides. Spending most of your time at home, school, or work while still getting treated for substance addiction, will help you achieve your goals and put the fear of hospitals at bay.

Inquire about the success rates

Often times than most, the fear of hospitals arises when success rates are relatively low. You wouldn’t trust professionals with inconsistent and poor results. High success rates may help you gain confidence in the detox program and drop your fear of hospitals. While it’s impossible to find a detox program with 100% success rates, find a treatment center whose records show more positive results compared to the negative.

Specialized programs

Today, several private detox programs are tailored to suit individual needs and requests. You could search for a detox program that allows you to take most of your treatment sessions away from hospital settings. If that’s not possible, your therapist could help you maneuver the journey by equipping you with skills to cope with the hospital settings. Specialized programs could be the last resort to tackling your fear of hospitals.

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