What Kinds of People Seek Treatment at Private Detox Centers?

There are many different types of detox and treatment centers, and each one has it’s own unique style, environment, and community of residents and staff for treating addiction. Having a choice of rehabs and detox centers to choose from will allow you to find the best type and style of treatment center that offers you the best chance of success for getting clean and sober. With so many different treatment and detox centers available, it can be hard to find the right one that suits your needs.

Private detox and treatment centers offer benefits that you can’t find in public treatment centers. The type of people that seek treatment in a private facility can significantly differ from those in a public center. That said, it doesn’t mean that residents in a private detox center have a greater chance of success than those in public or state-run treatment facilities. Success in sobriety is determined by how much you want it and what you’re willing to do to get clean and sober.

The Benefits of Choosing a Private Detox Center

One thing that sets private detox facilities apart from public facilities is the cost. The people that use private facilities are often professionals in high-paying and high-profile jobs or in or employed in jobs with excellent employee insurance plans. Some private detox and treatment centers are incredibly luxurious, with amenities such as private rooms, swimming pools, and hot tubs, but not all private facilities are so grand. The truth is that private detox centers are for anyone who needs treatment or time to detox from drugs or alcohol in a private setting. While all treatment centers, whether public or private, keep your medical and personal information secure, private treatment centers take your privacy very seriously while providing their residents with a safe place to break the cycle of addiction.

If you have a high-profile job, it can be hard to focus on recovery if you feel others will discover you’re in treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many of the people in private detox and treatment facilities prefer to keep their recovery between themselves and close friends and family. While it’s not possible to hide your addiction from everyone, there are certain professions where it can be detrimental if others become aware of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Public service jobs, teachers, police officers, and doctors are just some of the types of people who seek treatment in a private detox facility.

What Makes a Good Private Detox Center

The things that make an excellent private detox center are the same things that make an excellent public detox or treatment center. That’s a suitable treatment plan, a caring and informed staff, a relapse prevention plan, and qualified drug and alcohol counselors to name a few. That being said, there are a few things that set private detox centers apart from public centers. Many private centers’ residents expect a highly qualified staff, along with amenities that make the detox and treatment process more bearable. Exceptional medical care and counseling, along with nutritional diets tailored to helping the body and mind heal from drug and alcohol use, are a few things the people in private detox centers expect. Private detox centers also focus on exercise, yoga, and other physical activities that help residents deal with the stress and anxiety that accompany being in rehab.

Getting Involved

Like any other detox or treatment center, you have to get involved to make the most out of your recovery. Many people in private detox centers come from the upper middle class and affluent backgrounds or work in positions where privacy is a primary concern. For this reason, many of the residents in private detox have a more difficult time getting involved in the recovery process. Recovery means completely surrendering yourself to the program, and many professionals find it difficult to admit that they cannot handle the problem on their own. Private detox facilities often pay special attention to the unique needs and concerns of professionals suffering from addiction, and for that reason, many professionals find private detox more attractive.

Private detox and treatment facilities can offer an excellent choice for you if you’re looking to get into quality drug treatment or detox facility. Private facilities often have much shorter waiting lists than public facilities, and you can receive more individualized treatment for your addiction. The bottom line is that whether you enter public or private detox or treatment, you need professional help to overcome an addiction. You need a support group and a supportive community of people around you. You can’t do it alone. If you’re ready to get help and end your addiction, call us today at 833-497-3812. Our counselors are here to help you, 24/7.