How Do I Convince My Daughter That Ohio Drug Detox Programs Are the Best Option?

How do I convince my daughter that Ohio drug detox programs are the best option? This article will provide some answers and help for this difficult and painful question. If you have an adult daughter with a drug addiction problem, you’re probably confused and frightened. You don’t know where to turn. Maybe your child is resistant to treatment and doesn’t want to go. Unless your daughter is a minor, you can’t legally force her into detox or rehab treatment in Ohio or anywhere else. You will need to convince her to listen to you and go on her own.

How to Begin

First of all, you must understand and accept that your daughter is an adult. She may still be a little girl to you, but you can’t relate to her in this way. Don’t threaten, scream, bargain or cajole. Talk to her like the adult she is, and use facts to persuade her to listen to you. Most of all, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. You may not be successful on your first try. Be persistent and firm but in a gentle way.

Understand the Problem

People abuse drugs for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s an attempt to self-medicate. Your daughter may have other issues, such as depression or anxiety, that drive her to seek relief by abusing drugs. She may have some trauma in her past that you don’t necessarily know about. Maybe she just never told you. Your daughter may have inherited certain genes that make her far more susceptible to drug abuse, even if you or her biological father do not and never have abused drugs or alcohol. Genes can skip around and land randomly in offspring.

Prepare to Listen

The best way to begin is to arrange a quiet meeting with your daughter in a private setting with no distractions. Be prepared to listen. Let her do the talking as much as you can. It’s the only way to find out why she is reluctant to seek help. This article will now cover two common reasons why people don’t want to go to detox.

 They are afraid of withdrawal

Your daughter has probably experienced withdrawal symptoms before. These are distressing, frightening and painful. Addicts will do anything to avoid them. It’s a major reason why people remain addicted. Every single addict on this planet is scared to death of withdrawal. It’s a nightmare of horrible symptoms that go on on for days, weeks and even months.

When your daughter tells you that she’s afraid of withdrawal, listen, and understand that she has a valid fear. Then tell her that medical detox centers will make sure she is comfortable as she withdraws. They do this with various medications that depend on the drug of abuse. Opioid withdrawal is particularly nasty. Make sure your daughter understands that medical detox is nothing like withdrawing cold turkey. When choosing an Ohio detox for her, make sure that it offers medical detox. If they say they use social or holistic detox methods, move along. These terms mean that no drug substitute therapy is offered at that facility. These places are not for someone who is afraid of physical withdrawal symptoms.


Your daughter may resist treatment because she truly believes she doesn’t have a problem. Denial allows her to think this way, even though it contradicts the facts and flies in the face of all logic. Gently remind her what drugs are doing to her life. Don’t judge. Just state the facts. Help her to see all that she has lost and will lose if she continues on this path. Point out that she could be arrested for illegal drugs and have a permanent arrest record that will follow her for the rest of her life. Say whatever you have to, as long as it’s true, to convince her to start treatment.

Ohio has many fine detox centers. Make a list of those in your Ohio area and call them. Ask what kind of detox they offer. If your daughter is addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines or sleeping medication, she will require medical detox. It’s not safe to withdraw from these kinds of drugs suddenly and without medical supervision. Medical detox will place your daughter on a tapering dose of medications that will prevent potential serious complications.

If you need assistance with finding an excellent Ohio drug detox for your daughter, we can help you find one. Just call 833-497-3812 anytime. Our trained drug counselors understand your problem and look forward to your call.