Can an Ohio Alcohol Detox Treat Issues Caused by Mixing Alcohol and Other Substances?

Can an Ohio alcohol detox treat issues caused by mixing alcohol and other substances? The answer to this question is yes and no. The purpose of detox is to safely withdraw the substance abuser from their drug or drugs of choice. While many people tend to prefer a certain class of drugs such as opioids, this isn’t true for everyone. Any time there is an abuse mixture of more than one drug class at the same time, this is called polydrug abuse.

This kind of abuse can result in both an increased risk of overdose and actual physical damage to the body. Treating the physical diseases, such as heart or liver damage from alcohol abuse, is beyond the scope of what a detox can do. However, a detox can and will safely withdraw the client from whatever drugs they have been using, and they do this very well.

Types of Ohio Alcohol Detox

This may not always be possible in an outpatient setting, however. Some detox units offer outpatient services. Others offer inpatient ones, and some may offer both. In severe cases, partial hospitalization may be necessary for the patient’s own safety. Many Ohio drug rehabs have attached inpatient detox units or are affiliated with one. This is another safe option for people requiring intensive alcohol detox services. After the detox is completed, the client goes straight into the main unit for immediate further drug rehab treatment. Detox alone is seldom successful for long-term sobriety.

Ohio Rehabs

Many drug rehabs can and do address and treat physical problems related to drug abuse. For example, long-term abuse of stimulant drugs like methylphenidate, cocaine or amphetamine salts can cause the brain to become depleted of critical neurotransmitter chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. The brain will eventually begin to produce these chemicals again in time, but meanwhile this depletion can cause depression. Sometimes it’s so severe that the person may feel suicidal. Medications called SSRIs, among others, can help to restore this brain balance faster and spare the person weeks or even months of depression and despair. Since dopamine and serotonin are both manufactured by the body in part by certain amino acids, some rehabs may include nutritional supplement therapy as part of their treatment.

Amino acids are just a fancy term for the building blocks that make up dietary proteins. There are 20 amino acids needed by humans. Of these, nine are essential, which means the body must get them from food. The others can be manufactured by the body from other amino acids. Not all species have the same essential amino acids. For example the amino acid taurine is essential for cats but not for dogs or humans. Cats must get taurine from food. If they don’t, they become very ill. The deficiency can be fatal.

Alcohol Abuse and Malnutrition

Drug rehabs will also use vitamin therapy to help patients recover faster. This is especially true for clients recovering from alcohol abuse. Not only do alcoholics tend to have poor diets, partly because they get so many calories from the alcohol itself, but alcohol metabolism actually depletes vitamin stores in the body, especially the B vitamins. Drug rehabs may give extra B vitamins to these patients for that reason.

Drug rehabs also treat certain mental disorders that commonly co-exist with substance abuse. This may include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic attack disorders and PTSD. It may also include some kinds of trauma disorders as well. It could even include depression being caused by an underlying and previously untreated thyroid condition. These situations are called dual diagnosis treatment.

Some Ohio rehabs may also offer holistic and alternative therapies, such as equine, art, dance, creative writing, yoga, massage, water therapy, meditation and nature appreciation.

However, an Ohio detox is only about detox. It’s about eliminating drugs and toxins from the body so that the real drug rehab treatment can begin. These facilities are experts at what they do, but the scope of what they can offer ends there.

Alcohol Withdrawal Help

If you’re addicted to alcohol and have experienced withdrawal before, you may be terrified at the mere thought of going through that again. You’re not alone. Alcohol withdrawal is enough to terrify anyone. It’s horrible, painful and seems to never end. It’s dangerous, too. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Modern medications can alleviate even the worst withdrawal symptoms. There’s no need to be afraid. Even withdrawal from alcohol and benzodiazepines is now safe and comfortable when properly supervised in a medical detox setting.

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