Are Detox Centers in Ohio Equipped to Handle an Overdose?

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, your judgment may be impaired more than you think. What does that mean? Impaired judgment can cause you to take too much of a drug or drugs when you are using, causing an overdose to happen. It can also cause you to drink way too much, which causes alcohol poisoning to occur. You might even take something that is more powerful than you think, causing you to overdose and need medical assistance.

Whether you are already in rehab or not, you will need emergency assistance if you overdose. You may be wondering if detox centers in Ohio are equipped to handle an overdose if one occurs. Read on to learn the answer to this question and more.

What you can expect when you attend rehab

Making the difficult decision to go into rehab is one you should be proud of. It’s perfectly natural to have some questions, however. For example, you may want to know what you can expect when you check-in. Can you go to rehab when you are still using drugs or alcohol? The answer is yes. The staff in an Ohio rehab will not expect you to be sober when you check-in. In fact, they are used to clients checking in when they are still under the influence. Don’t delay because you want your high to wear off first- rehab centers are here to help. Just be honest with what you have used and how much. This will help them come up with a personalized treatment program that will work.

What to expect from the medical staff

You’re likely wondering what would happen if you overdosed while in rehab. First off, you will not be allowed to take drugs or drink alcohol when you are a patient. If you come in needing detox, you may be given some medication that will ease the symptoms of withdrawal you are feeling. You will not be given enough to overdose on while you are a patient.

However, you may be comforted to know that most detox centers are equipped to handle an overdose. An Ohio rehab will always have doctors, nurses, and other medical staff available every hour, day and night. If you are given medication during detox, they will monitor your vitals closely until you do not need the medication anymore. However, they will be able to help if you do overdose. Before checking into a clinic, talk to a representative to find out more about who will be taking care of you during your stay. Knowing that you are in good, capable hands while you are there will make the decision an easier one to make. A rehab center will always be prepared for any emergency, so do not let this worry overshadow your desire to get clean.

If you are experiencing an overdose

If you are not in rehab at the moment and believe that you are overdosing, it is vital that you call emergency services right away. Do not wait until you can go to rehab if you think your life is in danger. Emergency personnel can administer a life-saving drug to counter the effects of an overdose. Never waste time if you think you have drunk too much or taken too many drugs. Getting emergency attention may save your life.

If you end up in the hospital because of an overdose, they will likely call a social worker to come and talk to you while you are there. If not, make sure to request one before you leave. Many social workers will help you find a rehab center that can take you right away. You will stay in the hospital until you feel better, and then you will be able to go straight to Can a Drug Addict Fully Recover without Going to Rehab?rehab in most cases. The hospital will not discharge you until you are feeling better and able to make clear decisions. Don’t hesitate- head straight to rehab if you have overdosed. If you cannot commit to an inpatient program at the moment, ask your social worker or doctor about outpatient services. Even AA or NA meetings can help until you can get into a regular program.

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