Can I Stage an Alcoholic Intervention for My Husband Without an Interventionist?

Are you here because you are worried about the intensity and frequency of your husband’s drinking? Have you been considering taking a drastic step in order to make it stop? The step you are considering is staging an intervention, but you may not be sure of how to go about it. Are you wondering, Can I stage an alcoholic intervention for my husband without an interventionist? Let’s take a look at how an intervention works and what you need to do to make it as successful as possible, with or without the help of a professional.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is an event that is organized by the friends and family members of someone who is dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They are meant to show the addict that they have a problem that cannot be solved on their own and that they need help. The process is usually planned by a close friend or family member. In most cases, the addict will have no idea that it is about to take place. The reason for this is because many addicts won’t show up if they think they will be the topic of discussion.

Each friend or family member should come prepared with what they want to say to the addict. They take turns reading from notes or from memory, focusing on how much they love and care for the person. The point of an intervention should never be to place blame on the addict. Instead, it is to show them that their addiction has caused negative behavioral changes. It should gently push them to a solution- detox and rehab.

What is the Role of an Interventionist?

You may be wondering whether or not you can hold an intervention without outside help. The answer is yes, although many people feel that having a professional there will greatly help. A professional interventionist will first talk to the family and friends of the addict to learn as much background information as possible. They will help the family stage the actual intervention when it is time. He or she will assist the family in figuring out what to say and how to word their thoughts and feelings. Another role of the interventionist is to provide guidance to the family on what they should and should not do when their loved one leaves the program.

A professional interventionist is there to keep the atmosphere calm and cool. While the goal is to keep accusations from flying during an intervention, emotions will be high and tempers may flare. A professional will help keep the intervention under control as much as possible. Often, a rehab center will have an interventionist ready for families to use. If so, they can also help the addict understand what will happen when they enter rehab. Knowing exactly what to expect from someone who knows what they are talking about is often the push an addict needs to go to rehab.

Do I Need an Interventionist?

You do not need to hire a professional interventionist if you don’t want to. If you believe that your husband won’t want to listen to a stranger, this may be enough cause to stage an intervention on your own. If this is your decision, talk with the other future members of the intervention beforehand to decide who will “lead” the event. Someone will have to take charge of the intervention to keep it on track. Usually, a spouse or parent is the one to lead the event. However, anyone can take on the role of an interventionist if they believe they can.

After the Intervention is Over

Hopefully, with or without a professional interventionist, your husband will accept that he has a problem with alcohol and will agree to a stay in rehab. Once he leaves for treatment, the family will still have to work together to establish a new routine. If you do choose to hire someone to help, they can guide you through this process. You’ll talk about what will happen when your husband comes home from rehab. They will also help you learn what to do if he decides to return home mid-treatment. Having the guidance of a professional during such a tremulous time is usually a great source of comfort for family and friends of an addict.

Get the Help Your Husband Needs

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