Will a Detox Center in Ohio Kick Me Out if I Relapse?

Recovery from addiction treatment isn’t easy. You’ve probably fought through temptations and triggers to regain your stability and confidence. So, one day, your coworkers ask you to join them at a party, and they tell you to grab your favorite drink. “It won’t hurt, just one shot,” they say. Unfortunately, you wake up in the hospital, and the doctors inform you that you had overdosed on alcohol or drugs.

Relapse is one of the most humiliating and frustrating experiences anyone will ever face after addiction treatment. While it’s not the end of the road for you, you might be wondering if your preferred detox center in Ohio will kick you out if you relapse.

What happens if you relapse in rehab?

Your health comes first. The detox center should ensure that you are in a healthy state first before anything. Most rehab centers understand that the recovery journey isn’t a walk in the park. Experts understand that relapse is common, with about 50 percent of individuals slipping back into addiction after treatment. So, what happens if you relapse in rehab? All events after relapse depend on the detox center. Various detox centers in Ohio have different policies and approaches to solving relapse cases.

Relapse can be part of your story

A majority of detox centers understand that people recovering from substance addiction will break the rules once in a while. Human is to error. Occasionally, these mistakes will land on violating detox center policies. Instead of judging and kicking out individuals who’ve relapsed, detox centers understand that you are frail and need more health and support before the condition escalates, turning you into an alcoholic and full-blown addict. Experts at the rehab know that the best response to relapse incidences is curbing it before it worsens.

Relapse isn’t the end of the road for you. It doesn’t make you a hopeless case. Most detox centers will help you get back on track instead of kicking you out. We all deserve a second chance.

What you need to know about the zero-tolerance policy

As much as administrative teams try to understand that relapse during addiction treatment might be due to a mistake, a few treatment centers go the extra mile to curb alcohol and drug use while in rehab. In some treatment centers, you’ll be kicked out as soon as you fail a drug test. Understanding the zero-tolerance policy is crucial to staying on track with your recovery journey. If you are caught in possession of drugs or alcohol at the detox center, this is usually regarded as a severe offense. These cases are viewed as a threat to the safety of other residents at the detox center. While some rehab centers will allow you to resume treatment, some will turn you away for good, depending on the charges you are facing. If you are allowed to return to the rehab facility, you will be required to start over from day one and vow to complete the entire program faithfully.

What about court-ordered treatment?

The consequences of relapsing are more severe with court-ordered treatment programs. Depending on your case, you may get kicked out of rehab and even find yourself facing extended probation, fines, and even jail time. However, your preferred drug rehab center might help you recollect yourself and save face before the court to prevent further penalties.

Will your sober living house kick you out after relapse?

Some sober living houses will kick you out if you fail a drug test while recovering. Similarly to how detox centers strive to protect other residents, so do sober living homes. Relapse cases create an unsafe environment for other residents trying to get sober and recover. Other sober living homes won’t kick you out, but you’ll be placed on tighter restrictions instead. Privileges such as staying out late, skipping chores, or skipping roll calls may be taken away as part of tightening regulations. In most cases, the administration will give you a second chance after failing the first drug test, but you will be kicked out if you repeat the same mistake again.

If you are determined to get better and you genuinely show it in your actions, most detox centers will not let you down when you need assistance the most. If you have been looking for a shoulder to lean on after relapse, we can help you. Contact us at 833-497-3812 to get connected to one of our top professionals.