How Long Does It Take to Get Admitted to a Ohio Detox Center?

The time it takes to get admitted into an Ohio detox center is an important consideration for every addict. It may take months or years for an addict to reach a point at which they’re ready to admit that they do need help to recover from an addiction, so it’s important to get help as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they may not be able to stay clean, since they will still feel strong cravings that will compel them to use again. The professionals in charge of the admitting process at detox centers understand the pressures involved in this situation for the addict seeking help, so they do what they can to make the admitting process, or intake process, as simple and expeditious as possible. Yet, there are certain steps that must be followed in each case to ensure the addict’s detox program can be tailored to their specific needs. Without the intake procedure, addicts won’t benefit from specific services they require to help them get clean and sober.

During the intake procedure, the addict must submit to a thorough physical and mental health evaluation. This is necessary partly to determine the severity of the withdrawal symptoms the addict will be experiencing. Stronger withdrawal symptoms and cravings may require more intensive treatment with a greater focus on managing those symptoms. Additionally, the intake examination seeks to identify any mental health conditions that the individual may also be experiencing. Often alcohol or drugs are used as a means of self-medicating for an emotional or mental health problem. While the medications used to help an addict detox in a controlled manner will minimize many of the withdrawal symptoms, they will still feel the need to self-medicate by relapsing if their mental health problems aren’t also addressed. Additionally, the intake process involves collecting the necessary information to register you as a patient and processes any insurance you may be using to help pay for your detox program. An Ohio detox center that has been operating for several years will have adopted procedures that help them streamline this registration process, so each addict can begin their detox program as quickly as possible.

How Can You Speed Up the Admitting Process to an Ohio Detox Center?

The intake process can sometimes be completed in a day, allowing an addict to begin the detox program immediately. This is especially true in emergency cases, where the individual has suffered an overdose or is experiencing chronic addiction that puts their mental health at risk. Even if your situation isn’t classified as an emergency, you may be able to get into a detox facility within the same day. Typically, any delays you experience will be the result of the facility having all of their beds full. As soon as a vacancy opens, you’ll be admitted on a first come, first serve basis.

If there is a wait, there are things you can do to prepare for your intake process. It will help your admission evaluation go more smoothly if you can supply the detox center’s staff with your mental health history and medical records. This will give them a better overall understanding of your health and eliminate the need to obtain your records for themselves. Additionally, you should contact your insurance company to determine if your policy will cover the cost of a detox program. Some insurance policies do offer this type of coverage, so it’s important to find out what percentage of the cost is covered. Unless your insurer covers everything, you’ll also need to determine how you’ll finance the remaining cost. Some facilities offer financing options, so you may want to find out about those options as well. Otherwise, you may have to borrow the funds you’ll need to pay for the detox service, which can be done by asking loved ones, taking out a personal loan, or starting a crowdfunding campaign. Since raising money to cover your detox program can take time, you should begin doing this as early as possible. If you can be fully prepared to provide the financing and documentation the detox center will need to begin the intake process, you should be able to get admitted within a day or two days.

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