Is A Detox Center Just Like A Hospital?

Long-standing drug dependency carries the potential to exercise several negative influences on the body. Therefore, when individuals make the fateful decision to seek treatment, the recovery process’s first crucial step is withdrawing the offending chemical from their system.

In scientific terms, this undertaking is known as detox. The procedure is often performed in a designated medical facility called a detox center.

Detox Overview

Detox is a medically supervised process where a recovering substance dependent is carefully and gradually weaned off the drug that they were addicted to. The undertaking is administered in several steps including:

A Medical Evaluation

Before beginning detox, the prospective recipient usually undergoes a thorough medical examination. This evaluation enables doctors and treatment specialists to gain a clearer picture of one’s overall health and formulate the safest and most appropriate individualized detox plan.

Supervised Withdrawal

In many instances, recovering subjects are administered medications in gradually waning dosages over a given period. This action withdraws the substance at a steady and safe pace reducing the healing soul’s chances of incurring severe and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

The drugs used and in what dosages hinge on several key factors such as the recovering subject’s age, general physical health, mental and emotional well-being, in addition to the chemical they were addicted to, how much of said drug they were ingesting, and the period they were dependent on the detrimental substance.

Despite such efforts, recovering souls may still experience some withdrawal symptoms. These mental and physical manifestations will vary depending on numerous underlying factors. However, with proper medical supervision, such symptoms should not progress to hazardous or life-threatening degrees.

In addition to anti-withdrawal drugs, those undergoing detox might also be administered medications designed to ease anxiety and depression-related symptoms, combat insomnia, and increase their appetite.

Detox Length

On average, detox lasts anywhere from seven to 10 days. That said, the process could be shorter or longer. Specific individual timeframes are influenced by the patient’s health, the drug they were hooked on, and the amount of the drug they were ingesting before seeking help.

However, the process’s most critical goals are withdrawing the substance from the recovering addict’s system and giving their brain chemistry time to return to normal balances.

The Detox Center

Detox centers are medical facilities staffed by doctors, nurses, and support staff. In some cases, these establishments may be situated on a rehab clinic’s grounds. However, in other cases, said entities are separate healthcare facilities.

The Benefits Of A Detox Center

Detox centers produce notable benefits including:

Specially Trained Staffs

First, these establishments are often staffed by healthcare providers either specializing in or holding extensive training in addiction recovery. Therefore, such professionals possess experience detoxing patients dependent on various drugs and understand the associated challenges.

A Safer And More Comfortable Environment

Those entering detox are typically sick, frightened, and emotionally overwhelmed. Detox centers are constructed to offer a more comfortable and inviting appearance and atmosphere. Such attributes set the patient’s mind at ease rendering the process somewhat more manageable and less daunting.

Differences Between Detox Center And Hospital

Detox centers and hospitals share certain commonalities. Both facilities are staffed by licensed and experienced healthcare providers. Moreover, they are equipped with the necessary drugs and facilities to safely and effectively treat patients.

That said, detox centers typically exist to treat persons seeking to begin the drug treatment process. Moreover, said facilities are likely staffed by medical professionals holding significant experience or special certification to handle drug treatment cases.

Following Detox

It cannot be overstated that detox is only the first step in the recovery process. Drug withdrawal removes chemicals from the rehabbing subject’s body. However, recovery’s next phases focus on helping the healing person cope with mental cravings, identify why they became drug dependents, and learn to once again exist as a sober individual.

In a solid percentage of cases, these latter stages are completed inside inpatient drug treatment centers staffed by other trained professionals such as mental health doctors, counselors, and therapists.

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