What Should I Expect From a Drug Rehab in Ohio?

Going to rehab is uncharted territory for many people who live with an addiction and their families. In the beginning, you’ll often find that you have many questions about what life in rehab is like. You may also be wondering what you should expect from a drug rehab in Ohio if you’ve never been in a treatment center before. You’ll find many different rehabs in this wonderful state, and they should all be complying with the guidelines that regulate addiction treatment. However, you’ll still want to look for signs of a quality rehab program so that you can begin your sobriety in the best place possible.

Considering that your success in sobriety is influenced by the care that you receive in your first stages of quitting drugs or alcohol, it is perfectly reasonable to set high expectations. As you start to tour different rehabs, you’ll want to keep these general expectations in mind. A quality rehab center should strive to meet the following goals.

  • Maintain your confidentiality
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment
  • Perform a thorough mental health assessment
  • Explain your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Offer compassionate and professional support
  • Assist with planning for after care

Many people who enter a rehab program may have reasons for trying to keep their need for treatment confidential. You may work in a professional position, such as a teacher or pilot, and it might be best to avoid having everyone find out that you’re struggling with addiction. Others may prefer to begin sobriety with a fresh slate, and knowing that your care is confidential could provide you with the security you need to reach out for help. Addiction treatment centers often have safeguards in place, such as using first names only during group sessions, that further help you to feel safe talking about your challenges with addiction.

If you are staying in a residential treatment center, then you’ll also want to know that the staff works hard to keep the environment safe and comfortable during your stay. Having clean rooms, access to nutritious food and opportunities to enjoy recreational activities all help you to focus on getting sober. Most drug rehab centers also have guidelines on visitation and what people can bring for their stay that further help to keep you safe.

Set Your Expectations for Sobriety With Professional Addiction Care

The next goals that a quality rehab center has in place are those that help you to begin defining your expectations for moving forward in sobriety. In many cases, people enter rehab with no idea of why they are struggling with an addiction. You might have unresolved trauma from your past, or you could be dealing with a co-existing mental health condition. This is why you should expect to undergo a thorough exam and assessment that helps to identify underlying reasons for your addiction. Once you receive a diagnosis, you’ll then be able to talk to your therapists about the next steps of your treatment plan.

The bulk of the time in rehab will be spent shaping your understanding of the recovery process. You’ll talk about your triggers in therapy and what you can do when you encounter a situation that leads to temptation to use again. Depending upon your treatment plan, you may also talk about strategies for coping with PTSD, depression or other mental health conditions. You’ll also spend time in group therapy. In those sessions, you’ll talk to people who are also going through the recovery process, and you can expect to gain a few insights from other people’s experiences. Towards the end of your stay in rehab, you’ll begin to put together a plan for after care. This usually involves continuing with group and individual therapy sessions after you go home. You’ll also create a plan for relapse prevention. Knowing who you can call if you start to feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol provides you with a fast tool that you can use to stay sober.

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