What Should I Bring With Me To Drug Rehab Centers In Ohio?

Rehab centers in Ohio are a popular place for addicts to start getting clean. Most of these rehab centers are residential and require patients to stay for months. It can be a hard process for many people, so it is important to know what to bring along with you. Treatment centers in Ohio take care of many of the basic items needed for life, like clothes, toiletries, and personal electronics. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring anything else. These are a few items that might make your stay easier or better.

A Journal

You will probably have a lot of time on your hands once you check into rehab in Ohio. That is why it is good to have something to keep yourself occupied. Consider bringing a journal or something similar to occupy your time. It will help you document your recovery process and focus on your goals. You can write down your feelings when you had them and any triggers that caused them. It can help you get a better understanding of your addiction process.

Shoes And Clothes

You will most likely not be allowed to wear your shoes or clothes during treatment. For this reason, you must have some basics in your bag before coming to a treatment center in Ohio. Having extra clothes and shoes will make you feel more at ease. It is also a good idea to bring extra socks or underwear because they will have to get washed.


If you are staying in a residential drug rehab center in Ohio, you will not have access to your finances for at least the first few weeks that you are there. That means that it is important that you have some money for food and any other items that might come up during the recovery process. The rehab center has a small shop where you can buy basic items like snacks and toiletries. It is still a good idea to have some extra money on hand.


It can get very boring in rehab centers in Ohio. That is why it can be a good idea to bring a novel with you. Many treatment centers have libraries with tons of books that allow patients to borrow during their stay. It doesn’t mean that you won’t want to bring your copy of a book along with you so that you can read it during your free time. If you don’t like reading, consider bringing something like a strategy board game or some other activity.


You can bring nonalcoholic snacks with you to the rehab center in Ohio. In most cases, treatment centers will have kitchens where they make all of the food for patients. However, many people prefer to bring their snacks to rehab centers in Ohio. It can help add variety to your meals, and it can also be something that you look forward to eating every day.


It is a good idea to bring a few games along with you. It should be something that you can play by yourself or with others. Sometimes you will be at the treatment center for hours without anything else to do but read or listen to others talk about their problems. It can get very boring, so it is a good idea to have your games. These games are also a way of interacting with other people in treatment. They are a good way of practicing your social skills, too. In conclusion, there are a few items that are suggested you take to rehab centers in Ohio. These items will make your stay in treatment more comfortable and easier. It is important to remember that not everyone has the same experience and what works for someone else might not work for you. The most important thing is to follow the rules of the rehab center and not bring in unwanted items. That is a violation of the rules of the facility. To better understand what you can bring to a rehab center in Ohio, call 833-497-3812.