Will There Ever Be a Medical Cure for Drug Addiction?

Substance abuse and drug addiction have been a consistent problem in society over the past several decades. With many people using drugs on a regular basis, there are many who have become addicts. Many governments have looked to address substance abuse and drug addiction through punishment such as imprisonment or rehab programs. Neither of these programs has eliminated the problem and as a result, some may ask “Will there ever be a medical cure for drug addiction?” The answer to this question is quite difficult to answer as of right now but there his hope that there can be an effective way to put an end to drug addiction in the future. In order to find a medical cure for drug addiction, it is first important to know how and why people become addicts in the first place.

When it comes to drug addiction, one of the main causes is psychological. There are many people who have mental conditions where they need to experience a high in order to feel good. Individuals who have conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety may be more prone to using drugs compared to others who don’t have these conditions. Considering the fact that many drug addicts have psychological conditions that contribute to their drug addiction, there may be a way to come up with a medical cure for drug addiction. There can be some medications that can help people eliminate these conditions and avoid the use of drugs as a result. Having a way to eliminate these psychological conditions through medications will be a significant step in curing drug addiction.


Another one of the main reasons why people become drug addicts is because they are looking for ways to cope with negative emotions. The use of drugs allows people to temporarily eliminate negative emotions that are affecting their lives. With drugs, people have a reliable option to better cope with their difficulties.

• Addressing Depression

One of the negative emotions that people cope with is depression. This is a condition in which people experience sadness and hopelessness on a regular basis. Drug addicts use drugs such as cocaine to make themselves feel more energized which can improve their mood. Therefore, using drugs allows people to get rid of their state of hopelessness and sadness.

• Dealing With Anxiety

Another negative emotion that people cope with at times is anxiety. This is an emotional state where people worry about things on a regular basis and which interferes with their daily life. Drug use is a common way to cope with anxiety as it allows a person to escape the feelings of worry and tension.

• Convenience

Getting drugs is very convenient for many addicts. As a result, they are prone to getting drugs in order to deal with their issues. By having the ability to get drugs on a regular basis, they start using them on a regular basis which in turn begins to negatively affect their life.

• Affordable Options

Drugs are quite affordable for most people. As a result, drug addicts are likely to purchase more drugs regularly. The affordable prices give addicts the ability to get large quantities on a regular basis as well.

While there is no cure for drug addiction, treatments are available. One of the treatments that addicts can take advantage of is substance abuse counseling and 12 step programs. These options allow addicts to better understand how they began using drugs in the first place and then find ways to prevent themselves from using drugs again in the future. Along with treatment programs such as counseling, addicts can also get a detox which gets the toxins of drugs out of their system. With effective treatment, medical professionals can eventually make progress towards a cure for drug addiction.

Throughout history, medical conditions have been cured with medications and vaccines. It is possible that drug addiction can be cured in these ways as well. One of the things that medical professionals will have to do is come up with medications that eliminate psychological conditions that make someone prone to drug addiction. They will also need to find a medication that prevents people from being negatively affected by drugs as well as eliminating the extreme high that one gets when using drugs. By developing new medications, medical professionals may be able to eventually cure drug addiction. However, it is up to the person to avoid drug use and get the necessary assistance immediately if they begin to use drugs habitually.

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