How to Survive at an Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re wondering how to survive at an addiction treatment center, you’ve likely taken the first step and either enrolled in a program or decided that doing so is your next move. Reaching this point in your journey is already an accomplishment. Preparing to have a successful treatment experience is important.

Navigating Addiction Treatment

Going to rehab may be an entirely new experience for you, or you might have had a previous stay in a treatment center. In any case, take some steps to have a positive and successful experience this time:

  • Realign your thinking
  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • Open up
  • Track your progress
  • Enjoy simple comforts

Focusing on these powerful strategies can entirely change your rehab experience.

Realign Your Thinking

Thinking of rehab as an experience that you need to survive is not necessarily the most positive approach. Instead of having this outlook, try thinking of rehab as an experience that is going to help you to survive. You don’t have to be unrealistic about going to rehab. Experiencing withdrawal, being away from your home and confronting your triggers are all challenging situations. However, looking at rehab as a space that will help you to grow is also useful.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

When in rehab, if you participate in only the most basic ways, you might not get much out of the program. The rehab center may offer opportunities for you to go to art therapy or to participate in sports. You might be invited to healthy events or seminars, and you likely will have a number of chances to interact with other residents. Instead of looking at these invitations and possibilities as burdens, consider how new experiences can help you to heal. If you’ve been in rehab before, consider the opportunities that you didn’t take advantage of in the past. Changing your approach this time can be the change that you need.

Open up

Talking about the challenges that you’ve faced as a result of addiction can feel scary and overwhelming. Once you started speaking up about these struggles, however, you can begin to feel empowered. Also, talking has a healing quality. You may finally be able to relieve some burdens by speaking about your experiences. You can open up to other residents or in group therapy sessions. Further, individual counseling will typically be part of your treatment program, and being honest with your therapist can feel empowering.

Track Your Progress

One struggle that some people face in rehab is feeling as though they have not made any progress. Keep in mind that any progress is reason to celebrate. Tracking your progress is a strategy that you can use to see how far you have come. The exact method you should use for tracking progress and what elements you should track are two components that are useful to discuss with your counselor. For example, you might keep count of the number of days it has been since you felt a temptation or how many times you have instinctively wanted to reach for a healthy snack instead of a substance.

Enjoy Simple Comforts

Allow yourself to enjoy simple comforts in rehab. Before seeking treatment, you might have found solace in drug and alcohol usage. During your statement in the treatment center, you can find replacements. For example, think about how delicious a morning cup of coffee tastes while you’re sitting outside on the patio. Delight in the feel of a soft blanket at the end of the day. Acquire a taste for a new cuisine, or allow yourself to feel a sense of pride after completing a poem or other work of art. When your treatment program is over, you can continue to enjoy these simple comforts at home.

The experience of addiction treatment will involve both good days and bad days. When you have a good day, think about what made that time positive. On bad days, try to identify what upset you. You don’t have to go through any of these experiences alone. Call 833-497-3812 to speak with a representative about the right plan for your needs.