Is Alcohol Withdrawal Confusion a Medical Emergency?

Alcohol is so prevalent in our society today that it is hard to imagine that it could ever be so dangerous. For people whose bodies develop a physical addiction to alcohol, having a drink is anything but innocent. Over time, your body can develop a dependency upon alcohol that makes it potentially dangerous to stop drinking on your own. Many people want to get sober but come across the serious roadblock of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Even when your withdrawal symptoms start out mild, they can quickly take a bad turn. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to many different symptoms. By the time that you are asking if alcohol withdrawal confusion is a medical emergency, you may already know that you or a loved one could be in serious trouble.

The majority of heavy drinkers will experience some degree of discomfort if they stop drinking abruptly or cut down on how much alcohol they consume. Normal withdrawal symptoms should feel like little more than a mild hangover. You might feel queasy after you stop drinking or be a little moody. Some people might have slight trouble sleeping if their withdrawal symptoms are mild. If you experience any symptoms that are more severe than that, then you may be facing a medical emergency. Some of the symptoms of a severe withdrawal reaction include the following.

•Shaking or tremors
•Extreme agitation or confusion

Delirium tremens is a condition that occurs when you develop the severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Although this is more likely to develop in people who have engaged in heavy alcohol use for a long time, there is no way to fully predict who will develop these symptoms. If you’ve had a negative reaction to quitting alcohol in the past, then you should be aware that it can happen again. One of the hallmark symptoms of a serious reaction to quitting drinking is extreme confusion. You or your loved one might be confused about time and place. You could also mix up information or forget things that you should know well. At this point, you should consider confusion to be a sign that things could get worse. Seeking emergency detox treatment is your best option for preventing your decision to get sober from affecting your overall health.

Enjoy a Safe Recovery With Professional Alcohol Detox Treatment

Experiencing extreme confusion and the other symptoms of alcohol cessation can be frightening. After all, you may have heard stories about what can happen when people stop drinking abruptly. You might also be surprised at your body’s reaction if you are just now coming to terms with the possibility that you have an addiction to alcohol. Feeling withdrawal symptoms is a sure sign that you may have trouble quitting drinking on your own, and you can rest assured that you have options to help you get through this difficult time.

An alcohol detox treatment center offers services that can help you stay safe as you sober up. At a detox center, you’ll quickly undergo a physical exam that lets you know how your body is handling you quitting alcohol. Your treatment team will check vital signs such as your blood pressure and body temperature to make sure that you are still safely recovering. If you need intervention, then they know how to help you transition to living an alcohol-free lifestyle. Your treatment team has a program that includes proven strategies for helping people quit drinking without putting their health at risk. You’ll also begin your first week of recovery receiving counseling and support that makes the emotional aspect of your journey easier to deal with. Treating your confusion as a medical emergency makes it less likely that you’ll reach for a bottle at home to try to make it all stop. While the first week or two of quitting alcohol is often hard, you’ll feel stronger knowing that you have people nearby who can help. Most people also feel more secure knowing that a qualified team of professionals is monitoring their health to make sure that their withdrawal symptoms do not become life-threatening.

Are you or a loved one experience extreme withdrawal symptoms that make you worry about how safe it is to quit drinking? If so, then a detox program can make the process easier. Give us a call today at 833-497-3812, and let us know about your symptoms. We’ll help make sure that you or your loved one get the help you need to safely detox from alcohol.