Is Drug Detox for Women Structured Differently Than Men’s Detox?

You are not alone in your struggle with addiction. Many thousands of people seek addiction treatment every year, and they have all experienced similar challenges as they tried to overcome their physical and mental dependency upon drugs or alcohol. However, it is also essential to recognize that recovering from addiction is a very individual process. Every person has a unique relationship to drugs or alcohol that needs to be dealt with in a personalized manner. As a woman, you might have different needs compared to men. Your gender is an important aspect of your identity, and you’ve had specific experiences in life that are based upon how society views and treats you as a woman.

For some women, being around people of the same gender just feels more comfortable. This is why some detox centers offer gender-specific programs. Choosing to go to detox for women typically means that some aspects of your recovery will be different compared to a mixed-gender program. The first thing to know is that men’s and women’s detox programs have some elements that are mostly the same. In both types of programs, you’ll spend your first few hours receiving a complete physical exam and personal interview with an intake counselor who can help you determine your best course of treatment. For example, both men and women may need help dealing with physical withdrawal symptoms that make the first few days of recovery harder. You can also anticipate receiving the same level of care regarding nutrition, exercise and mental health therapy no matter which type of detox program that you enter. After that, you can also enjoy specific benefits for your recovery by choosing a program that supports your status as a man or a woman.

Use the Benefits of Gender-Specific Detox to Start Your Recovery

Gender-specific detox programs tend to be structured to fit the most common health needs for men and women. For example, men sometimes feel like they must maintain a more stoic stance in life. They might have been taught as children to hide their feelings or to avoid expressing weakness. For this reason, men who stick with members of their own gender tend to feel like they can let their guard down more. When they know that women aren’t listening in, they might not feel like they have to be the protector for once. Instead, they can feel freer to express their innermost feelings. It is also common for men’s programs to help people overcome their hangups about expressing their emotions. Lots of encouragement is given to make every man feel safe talking about their life with an addiction.

In a women’s drug detox program, there is often more of a focus on helping people to work through their trauma. Women tend to also experience more guilt about their drug addiction, and it is possible that they face more judgment from people in their life about their drug or alcohol dependency. Most women are fairly open with talking about their emotions, but they may clam up if they are placed in a situation where they need to talk about certain issues around men. For example, women who have experienced physical or sexual abuse might feel more comfortable talking without having men in the room. A woman might also want to focus on how to mend her relationships with her children or spouse, and talking about this among other moms and wives can feel safer since others will have similar experiences.

The benefits of attending a gender-specific detox program include the following for both men and women.

  • An opportunity to recover without the distraction of sexual tension
  • Recovering in an environment that invites open and honest communication
  • Assistance with common issues that affect your specific gender
  • A chance to develop supportive relationships with other people from your gender group

In any type of detox program, romantic relationships between men and women are often discouraged. This is because your time in a treatment program is meant to let you focus on yourself. Mixed-gender groups can make some people uncomfortable, especially when you are already dealing with the physical and emotional aspects of having withdrawal symptoms.

Starting your recovery off in an environment where you are only around people of the same gender helps to eliminate some of the barriers that you may feel as you open up in your therapy sessions. Do you think a gender-specific detox program will help you enjoy a more comfortable recovery? Contact a member of our team today at 833-497-3812. We’ll help you find the most supportive environment possible to launch your new sober lifestyle.